[jifty-devel] Validating distinct fields

Sean E. Millichamp sean at enertronllc.com
Mon Jun 5 09:56:03 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 07:25 -0400, Edward Funnekotter wrote:
> Sounds reasonable.  I was unaware that the validation function would
> be called via AJAX automatically.  It doesn't seem to for me (firefox
> unless I specifically set 'ajax_validates' during
> argument validation in my Action file, but I may have some
> configuration problem preventing this.  

If you look in jifty/lib/Jifty/Action/Record.pm, line 179:

 # build up a validator sub if the column implements validation
 # and we're not overriding it at the action level
 if ( $column->validator and not $self->can("validate_$field")) {
   $info->{ajax_validates} = 1;

If you don't specify any validator then it autogenerates one and
automatically enables ajax_validates.  The reason you aren't seeing it
is because you have manually created your own validation routine, when
you do that you have to manually enable ajax_validates.


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