[jifty-devel] Wrong logic in state-preserving links?

Wolfgang Kinkeldei wolfgang at kinkeldei.de
Sun Jul 30 12:53:06 EDT 2006

Hello Jifty fans!

when using things like
    Jifty->web->set_variable('varname', some_value);

in order to transport the variable's value to the next request, I  
found out, that this works perfectly within forms, but does not  
correctly transport the variables in text-links that are generated  
like this:
    <% Jifty->web->link(..., preserve_state=>1) %>

After some browsing through the sources (of version 0.60722 from  
CPAN) I found out that the request's variables are built into the  
link, not the Jifty->web's variables set with the construct above.
If I understood things right, line 175 of Jifty::Web::Clickable.pm  
inside the "new" function should use

instead of the request's vars. Am I right?




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