[jifty-devel] Admin mode broken in trunk?

Wolfgang Kinkeldei wolfgang at kinkeldei.de
Tue Jul 25 04:49:02 EDT 2006

Hello Jesse,

On 25.07.2006 at 09:36 Jesse Vincent wrote:

> Wolfgang,
> What version did you grab from CPAN?

I did a fresh installation on July 21, so it was Jifty-0.60707. The  
installation was done on a Mac OS-X system (intel) using the binary / 
usr/bin/cpan. All required modules were resolved and installed  
correctly except XML::Parser, that did not find libexpat  
automatically as it was on an unusual locaton on my system. OS-X 10.4  
uses Perl 5.8.6 as default.

[...] "__jifty" directory seems not existing from mason's point of  
view -- symlink helped.




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