[jifty-devel] Login plugin issue

Jason Yates jaywhy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 12:25:32 EDT 2006

In testing the Login plugin from trunk, I decided I would add it to
the MyWeblog tutorial.  The Login plugin works correctly except when I
login no posts show up on the index.html page.  I logout the posts are

I'm not doing anything special.  The code is cut and paste from the
tutorial.  I know the query is working correctly.  It is returning the
records.  I can see the count and even the "Next" and "Previous" page
links are showing up.  Although, $posts->next isn't returning

Looking through the code however, I can't seem to find where the
problem is coming from.  I'm not getting any errors either.  I'll give
more info if needed.  I'm just figuring this is something easy.

Jason Yates
jaywhy at gmail.com

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