[jifty-devel] jifty, just getting started

Gabriel Millerd gmillerd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 22:00:09 EDT 2006

I am just getting started with Jifty. I am about 20 hours into
tinkering around with it. Its really what I have been in need of for a
long time, so tired of trying to submit myself to java's will and not
being as productive as I would like or would be with perl.

Anyways, I learned of it from the recent perlcast and that whole
discussion just got better and better for me as it went along. But
during the perlcast there was some talk of a tool that was used for
assisting with development, debugging and what not. I couldnt catch
that name of this and have replayed that portion of the perlcast a few

Anything that could help out on that front would be great. I am
working with emacs21-nox with tail.el on my error logs, and log4s,
thats about it. I assume that its related to fastcgi, I am not sure.

Thanks again looks awesome.

Gabriel Millerd

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