[jifty-devel] Rrror: Can't locate object method "port" via package "Jifty::Server"

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Jan 26 03:24:21 EST 2006

Sean, Just to confirm, is this all better with the new HTTP::Server::Simple?


Sean E. Millichamp wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 15:21 -0500, Sean E. Millichamp wrote:
>>Any chance one of the many modules Jifty depends on got an update which
>>is causing this?
> Well, by using -MModule::Versions::Report and a bit of persistence I
> have figured out what my problem was.
> The culprit was YAML.  The working machine had the Fedora Core 4
> "perl-YAML-0.39-2" RPM supplying the YAML dependency at v0.39.  The
> non-working machines had the latest YAML, v0.52, pulled from CPAN.  I
> have no idea why that would cause the error I was getting but I'm just
> glad I know how to solve it now.
> Thanks to Jesse for pointing me in the right direction...
> Sean

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