[jifty-devel] Login plugin questions

jpeacock at rowman.com jpeacock at rowman.com
Fri Dec 29 10:40:01 EST 2006

All - 

I think I've figured out the problems with the Login plugin and the Admin pages, and the good news is that the existing plugin framework is sound (but a little more subtle than I realized).  However I've run into a couple of issues that I wanted  get some guidance on:

1) I'm inclined to cause the Login plugin to require the user class to be named APPLICATION::Model::User, since it will greatly simplify the code.  If you wanted to have additional fields than the core, that will still be possible, and if you wanted to have an associated table instead, that should also be OK.

2) Jifty->web->form->submit doesn't seem to support continuations automatically (or I can't figure out the incantation), and Jifty->web->return handles continuations just fine, but it doesn't get the nice <div class="submit_button"> wrapper.  What is the best solution?  Should form->submit handle continuations?  Should return() get wrapped by default?

3) In reference to continuations, I have fixed it so that clicking the login link will return the current page after logging in.  However, if the current page is the logout page, what happens is that you succeed in logging in and immediately logout.  Should I have the logout page redirect to the root of the site, so that you can logout and login immediately.  Just navigating to some other page always works...



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