[jifty-devel] patch to Cookbook.pod for EditInPlace

Peter Wise peter at bloodaxe.com
Wed Dec 27 21:23:08 EST 2006

Diff attached.


Peter J. Wise, BSc (Hons) RHCE MBCS <http://www.vagnerr.com>

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*** Cookbook.pod_r2427	2006-12-28 01:27:07.000000000 +0000
--- Cookbook.pod	2006-12-28 02:15:39.000000000 +0000
*** 224,226 ****
--- 224,261 ----
  field is changed.
  Of course, you can apply the same trick to your own Action classes.
+ =head2 Get the "Edit" links to work in the "Page info" tool.
+ If you click on "Page info" and click on an "Edit" link for a fragment
+ and you get an error message saying something like
+ 	You got to a page that we don't think exists...
+ then you need to ensure that the C<Jifty::Plugin::EditInPlace> has
+ been installed correctly. It should be in the Jifty/Plugin directory
+ installed with the rest of the Jifty modules.
+ 	perl -MJifty::Util -e 'print Jifty::Util->jifty_root'
+ will tell you where to look. If its not there you will need to install
+ it manually. If you still have your build files from installing Jifty
+ you can find the module in the plugins directory.
+ Once you have the modules in place, or if they were already present
+ you simply need to enable the plugin in your project config file. Edit 
+ /etc/config.yml and find the "Plugins:" section. It will probably look
+ like this
+ 	  Plugins: []
+ Change it to 
+ 	  Plugins: 
+ 	    - EditInPlace: {}
+ Take care the indentation is significant, use spaces, not tabs.
+ Once you have done that you can restart your Jifty application and the
+ edit links should now function correctly.

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