[jifty-devel] prototype and script.aculo.us update

Wolfgang Kinkeldei wolfgang at kinkeldei.de
Wed Dec 27 15:15:55 EST 2006


I just played around a bit with the latest versions of the javascript  
libraries Prototype and Scriptaculous and wondered if there were a  
possibility to let them work inside Jifty.

After testing prototype 1.5 and script.aculo.us 1.7beta, all  
"onclick" handlers did not work anymore... The reason is a function  
"Element.Methods.update" which is defined in prototype and is applied  
to all Objects. This function has precedence over Jifty's "update"  
function and always returns a true value. Thus, all onclick handlers  
behave like no JavaScript is available.

This will make an update a bit more complicated...


Wolfgang Kinkeldei


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