[jifty-devel] Improving our plugin system to make things like ::Login easier

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Dec 11 09:31:48 EST 2006

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 09:26:44AM -0500, John Peacock wrote:
> Jesse Vincent wrote:
> >Jifty ends up handing the actions for the plugin off to:
> >
> >Jifty::Plugin::Login::Action::CreateUser
> >Jifty::Plugin::Login::Action::SearchUser
> >Jifty::Plugin::Login::Action::UpdateUser
> >Jifty::Plugin::Login::Action::DeleteUser
> The actions /should/ be (at least how I tried to make them work):
> MyApp::Action::CreateUser
> MyApp::Action::SearchUser
> MyApp::Action::UpdateUser
> MyApp::Action::DeleteUser

...they're not, alas.

> which are just trivial wrappers around the corresponding base classes. 
> My testing seems to suggest that this part is working (at least it seems 
> like it from the "...dispatching..." debug statements).

Using the admin UI...everything just blows up. because among otehr
things, they end up with a Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User as their
record object, not MyApp::Model::USer

> >An alternate vision is brewing in my head. I'm thinking of doing 
> >something like allowing plugins to manipulate the inheritance tree of 
> >application classes.
> But how does that inheritance happen in practice?  I'm not sure I see 
> how this would be any more flexible than the on-the-fly subclassing that 
>  the Jifty::Plugin::ClassLoader already does.

...what we have now is ok for a single plugin touching, say, our user
model. But it's not at all obvious to me how I'd have two plugins that
both touched a user model class. 

> >Does this sound like a sane design? I think it would somewhat simplify 
> >our conceptual model and be a lot more flexible. But thoughts are much 
> >appreciated.
> I *think* we can already get this as long as we can get the field 
> validation stuff worked out.

That would please me, but I'm not seeing it yet. 

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