[jifty-devel] Customizing the Jifty Login plugin.

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Fri Dec 1 09:15:08 EST 2006

C.G. LEE wrote:
> I've got what I wanted. It looks ugly and instant but I've never  
> touched the Jifty Core and Login plugin. I failed sending a confirm 
> email, howerver, the user infomation was saved successfully.

I think I've figured out what is really going on now, but I wasn't able 
to get it fixed.  Basically, the arguments are being checked vs. a fixed 
set (corresponding to the default fields), rather than figuring out what 
  fields are actually available in the "User" table.

One way to handle it right now (until I fix it), is to set only the core 
fields during the initial user creation and then redirect the user to an 
additional Registration page when they click on the URL sent via e-mail, 
which contains all of the additional fields you want to have filled out. 
  To some extent, I like this model better anyways, since it means that 
you don't have a "Member" until the account is activated; it separates 
the "User" fields required to authenticate with the demographic 
information required of "Member" records.


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