[jifty-devel] RFC: Login/Logout functionality

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Thu Apr 27 09:35:26 EDT 2006

Alex Vandiver wrote:
> Looks mostly sane.  I would almost argue that the templates aren't
> needed, however.

If the templates aren't included, there should at least be a

	jifty action --name Login

that would generate stubs, else the user is going to have to replicate 
that functionality (DRY).

>   Adding things to the application's dispatcher is the crux of the
> difficulty in writing the plugin framework, yes.  Jesse and Audrey sat
> down and hammered out a basic plan (I *think* that's what
> doc/plugin-requirements is, but it looks incomplete), but we've yet to
> get around to implementing it.

Didn't notice that; I'll read it and comment later.

>   I'm a little unclear why you think the ClassLoader would need to be
> changed, though.

Because the login classes (at least as written for Wifty) need to refer 
to the application's own user class, plus the core Login.pm need to be 
overridden for those cases where it's too simplistic (say my Client 
Certificate variant, or the 'piece of skin from the nape of the neck' 
hardware authentication that TopSecret sites might use).


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