[jifty-devel] questions about installation

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Apr 26 02:46:19 EDT 2006

> What I tried:
> 1) I downloaded from
> "http://download.jifty.org/pub/jifty/Jifty-0.60221.tar.gz"
> and decompressed the file into my Debian linux (sarge)
> OS.  I'm running Perl 5.8.4 on this box and have
> installed scores of modules.

It's probably better to "cpan Jifty". You'll get a more recent release
with a smoother install.
> 2) when I tried to "perl Makefile.PL", I was prompted
> to install HTML::Mason, as well as some others.  But
> when I tried to install Mason I was prompted to
> install some modules for mod_perl1.x  Since I am
> running apache2 and mod_perl2 on this server already I
> tried to get mason to install with that but I can't.

You should be able to install mason 100% safely without
Apache1/mod_perl, though some of the tests may test mp1. 

It's _probably_ safe to just install it without installing the mod_perl
dependencies.  Jifty certainly doesn't need them.

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