[jifty-devel] questions about installation

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 02:37:25 EDT 2006


I'm new to your list so please let me know if this is
not the correct place to post this sort of question.

I'm investigating Jifty for a new application I'm
writing.  I have previous experience using catalyst
however I find the catalyst way of doing things a
little 'not the way I think to do stuff'.  From
reading the jifty online documentation I suspect my
programming instincts might be a better fit for this
framework.  However I am having a lot of trouble
installing the framework.  Any thoughts are

What I tried:

1) I downloaded from
and decompressed the file into my Debian linux (sarge)
OS.  I'm running Perl 5.8.4 on this box and have
installed scores of modules.

2) when I tried to "perl Makefile.PL", I was prompted
to install HTML::Mason, as well as some others.  But
when I tried to install Mason I was prompted to
install some modules for mod_perl1.x  Since I am
running apache2 and mod_perl2 on this server already I
tried to get mason to install with that but I can't.

So I stopped there.  I don't want to risk hosing this
server since I am actively developing other projects

So is is possible to install jifty and run the
built-in development server without apache?  I was
given the immpression from the documentation that I
could try Jifty out without apache.  Also do I need
the version 1.x apache and mod_perl?

Any pointers are appreciated!

--john napiorkowski

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