[jifty-devel] Jifty Actions, Radio Buttons

M Brletic mbrletic at visalia.k12.ca.us
Mon Apr 24 18:45:51 EDT 2006


I have been trying to figure out how to update multiple table in Jifty 
from one page. I have tried the MyWebLog tutorial example that provides 
a couple of data entry fields for a  blog entry.  I have not yet been 
able to  find in the documentation how to do the following:

Provide a screen with radio button questions that can take the input 
from the form and write the ID, Question and Answer to consecutive 
entries in one table. I also want to be able to read an existing table 
containing "index" numbers and write to the next available record, 
without any user input.

I can read the "index" table and generate the next available number, but 
I could not find how to configure a "hidden" action that does not 
require user input.

An example of how to write to an object directly without using a form 
would be  helpful.

Also, an example of using Radio Button actions based to write to the DB 
object would also help.

I can write the form in strainght HTML and leave all database 
interaction to the "Action" called upon submit, but this would require 
using all hidden inputs in a separate action module.

It looks like doing this properly in Jifty would allow all form input 
and Action/DB interaction on one page.

Any examples would be appreciated.




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