[jifty-devel] data types

bart bunting bart at bunting.net.au
Thu Apr 20 04:38:59 EDT 2006


Below is some rough notes I've made when trying to switch between
mysql and postgresql for the backend.  Hopefully if these are all
collected it will help the developers make it unnecessary to make
changes to your jifty models when changing backends.

The list below describes some differences between data types as
implimented by various databases, specifically mysql and postgresql.  

Currently it is necessary to change your model schema when changing
between database backends in some situations.

Hopefully it is possible to create a mapping of a given set of jifty
data types onto backend specific data types. 

		Mysql			Postgres
Binary data	blob			bytea
boolean		takes 1 or 0		takes true or false
integer 	accepts ''		does not accept '' use 0

These are just a couple I have noticed, there are probably more.  If
 anyone wants to point out more I can add them to the list.

Would this stuff be better on the Wicki until it's fleshed out enough
 to go into the manpages?


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