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Thu Apr 30 16:47:41 EDT 2015

The annotated tag, 1.50430 has been created
        at  7fe1d84a1ec0d080ccaae0f82ef545cba4344405 (tag)
   tagging  53fc67152580a418ad2981c4d5bf64d092ddfd5a (commit)
  replaces  1.10518
 tagged by  Alex Vandiver
        on  Thu Apr 30 16:46:58 2015 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 1.50430
Version: GnuPG v1


Alex Vandiver (89):
      Jifty::CAS no longer ISA Jifty::CAS::Store, with stupid ISA tricks
      Make Jifty::CAS::Store into an instance, and Moose-ify
      There is no reason the memcached CAS should have an explicit expiration
      Remove MemcachedFallback; later commits will add better fallback options
      Split the memory cache out into its own class, making Jifty::CAS::Store abstract
      Support different CAS backends for different domains; config version bump
      Make the CAS do its own serving, as opposed to relying on CCJS
      Add a way for a CAS backend to advertize itself as "durable"
      Add a durable local file CAS
      Add a tool to generate CCJS externally, on command
      generate_early is never what you want if you have external_publish
      Add a tiered CAS store; this allows a combination of durability and speed
      Merge branch 'cas-rewrite'
      Redispatch wrong relative-path CSS/JS requests from the squished versions
      Checking for path hygene in continuation returns is no longer necessary
      Allow a mechanism to force-set certain values, ignoring merging rules
      Allow a site_config.yml to override config.yml's plugin configuration, based on plugin class name
      Fix pod header sizes
      Add plugins one-at-a-time
      Make signup an optional part of the login plugin
      Make password hashing work out-of-the-box with the login plugin
      Allow Jifty->web->render_template to take a hashref of args to render with
      Factor out all Halo logic into a standalone plugin
      Ensure that Template::Declare halos run in the <body>
      Provide backwards compatibility with old HTML::Mason wrapper files
      Short-circuit halo close on error
      Explicitly add Halo plugin to a tests which needs it
      Reduce repetition in back-compat configuration analysis
      Revert "Add CDN support to CompressedCSSandJS"
      Wrap links to static resources and CAS, prepending an optional CDN host
      Remove the IEFixes-specific CDN in favor of the newly added global CDN config
      Update MANIFEST; this fixes test failures caused by missing blib/ files
      POD updates for t/99-pod-coverage.t and t/99-pod-spelling.t
      Correct skip_all message for tabs author test
      Return cached failed sharedir early, rather than failing again
      Factor out shared code between _calculate_share codepaths
      Update Module::Install
      Revert "Add CDN support to CompressedCSSandJS"
      Wrap links to static resources and CAS, prepending an optional CDN host
      Remove the IEFixes-specific CDN in favor of the newly added global CDN config
      Gut the old IPC::PubSub implementation
      Add a minimal Pubsub plugin
      Add a basic Web::Hippie::Pipe endpoint at /__jifty/_hippie
      Accept -s Twiggy, and auto-detect if we should run that rather than Standalone
      Factor client handling code into its own (still no-op) module
      Use AppName::PubSub as the standard app-specific class for connectons
      Subscribe each connection to its own channel, for targetted delivery of messages
      Store (and re-enter on each message) the request and current user
      Parse and run actions passed from the client over the pipe
      Split hpipe functions into their own .js file
      Display hpipe-sent action results using jgrowl
      Store subscriptions generated during the request to be subscribed to in the pipe
      Don't bother adding action limits during subrequests
      Split apply_fragment_updates into XML parsing and application
      Push fragment updates on appropriate events
      Add a simple RPC class atop the message bus
      Set a VERSION on the PubSub and RPC plugins
      Never assign to global (non-lexical) $_, due to AnyEvent event loop
      ->clear_for may be called before any subs are configured
      Rename hpipe to pubsub, to make its use more understandable
      Rename "render_with" key to Jifty->subs->add to the more canonical "path"
      For future-proofing, change prepend "jifty." to internal types from the client
      Add a Jifty AnyMQ subclass which pushes "type" explicitly
      For consistency, force messages sent via ->send to have a type
      Allow Jifty->subs->add( topic => "..." ) for direct-to-client subs
      Rename some ->new methods to be private
      Intentionally ignore subscriptions during region push
      Allow plugin configuration of the RPC serialization
      Add dependencies for the PubSub and RPC plugins
      Add documentation for all methods
      Reorder methods to read more logically in POD
      Make the dependencies tests happy
      Make the POD spelling test happy
      Update MANIFEST
      Remove old dead code from jifty.js
      Move unescape to being an internal method
      Tests now require width and height on images; placate them
      Make the POD spelling test happy
      Merge branch 'pubsub'
      Ensure that the current path is not interpreted as a regex
      Switch to the modern "use utf8"
      Fix typos found by Debian
      Anchor expressions, and ignore MYMETA.json
      Stop altering hash reference during "each" iteration
      Fix a backwards L<> in POD
      Modern Date::Manip has deprecated ConvTZ, in favor of a more expressive ForceDate
      Set explicit =encoding on non-ASCII pod files; switch to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-1
      Version 1.50430 releng

Jesse Vincent (13):
      Test::WWW::Mechanize no longer treats content_lacks as content_unlike,
      Quiet down 'diag' statements when we're not running in verbose mode
      Force selenium tests to run with a standalone server, rather than an
      Add CDN support to CompressedCSSandJS
      CDN enable a couple more uses of static
      CDN enable a couple more uses of static
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/global-cdn'
      Actually log something to the debug log when the dispatcher requests a
      when not compressing CSS, don't use a literal \n after each CSS library.
      It turns out that clients that don't post a content type cause a warning :/
      Add a PUT method to update a single column of a model to the REST API
      Drop Clientside sessions, which have never had any tests to an optional feature.
      used the wrong quotes. broke the regex.

Luke Closs (5):
      Support using a subclassed Test::WWW::Selenium
      Finish testing so no_plan tests are happy.
      Add a WebDriver layer, similar to Selenium
      bump the version
      Add Jifty::Filter::JSON

Shawn M Moore (1):
      Doc typo fix

Thomas Sibley (46):
      Don't load the cssQuery compat JS anymore
      Remove manual h1.title elements since we specify page titles for the templates
      Remove the unused focus_javascript method
      Make the signup and login widgets a bit more flexible for apps to use
      Include the user-written condition in debug messages
      Log a debug message for under similar to before, on, and after
      Don't lose errors in our eval when building the upgrade steps
      Make full page refresh notifications sticky
      Don't require that Popout region links be in a region already or specify an element
      Add an empty method to Jifty::Web::Menu for deleting all children
      Bump the version for external deps
      Consolidate the jGrowl triggers and make full page refresh notifications only 10s, not sticky
      Doc fix I noticed while munging about J:ACTIONS
      Provide a no_request option to eliminate some script boilerplate
      Rewrite the documentation for record_detailed_messages so it doesn't lie
      Provide a class that leaves form elements enabled during ajax
      Remove unused and broken code
      Refactor the placeholder onblur handler so it can be called separately
      Clear placeholders before we serialize a form
      Strict JS parsers hate trailing commas... it ain't Perl
      Template args should be able to be 0
      Only reinstate a placeholder if the input had one before we cleared it
      Try to be less brittle if we find ourselves without a placeholderText attribute
      Force the default configured URL when called from a Jifty::Notification
      Jifty.update supports before/after region insertion modes, so form elements should too
      Test that printing with multiple arguments works
      Print more than just the first argument in our overridden version of print
      Merge branch 'lukec/master'
      Don't call done_testing if the test is marked as no_plan
      Don't specify an absolute path to firefox -- let Selenium search
      Test for Alien::SeleniumRC failure and yell about it
      Extract action order information more robustly when AJAX submitting
      Test request mapping inside webservices action arguments
      Request map action arguments submitted via YAML or JSON
      Serialize actions to their moniker for JSON
      Selenium tests require an actual server
      Preserve current request headers when returning from a continuation
      Bump version for external deps
      Merge branch 'config-extensions'
      Update Module::Install framework
      Append clickable query params _before_ any hash fragment
      Bump version for external deps
      Fix a syntax error introduced by 070c6eab
      Unescape and potentially decode UTF8 in REST paramters
      Trailing commas make strict JS parsers unhappy
      YAML::Syck 1.22 fixed a spelling error in an error message which we catch


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