[Jifty-commit] jifty-dbi annotated tag, 0.64, created. 0.64

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Tue Jan 11 17:16:30 EST 2011

The annotated tag, 0.64 has been created
        at  e2b818bd3d4c0c4472f734373810c87eb817ea1a (tag)
   tagging  1253d159f3b8ead5d974287f5fe60bc5196826de (commit)
  replaces  0.60
 tagged by  Shawn M Moore
        on  Wed Dec 8 15:24:27 2010 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
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Alex Vandiver (4):
      Bump version to 0.61
      Don't attempt to store undef values in memcached
      Bump Module::Install version
      It is a rare but possible case that 0 is a valid id

Ruslan Zakirov (1):
      distinct_column_values method, docs and tests

Shawn M Moore (29):
      Ignore .prove
      Typo fix
      More on "virtual"
      Avoid undef warning
      Add a "computed" attribute to columns
      Do not add computed columns to the schema
      Add a computed "age" column to the Sample::Employee test model
      Computed columns need a method (that's the whole point)
      Tests for pid
      Add an age method to Sample::Employee just to have something there
      For computed columns, __value just calls the method
      Merge branch 'computed-columns'
      Doc for computed, update virtual's doc
      Do not include computed columns in select statements
      Bump to 0.62
      Warn about load(arg => value)
      Include column_name in the value passed to reader warning
      Move pod.t and pod-coverage.t to t/99-...
      Run pod tests only for authors
      Correct lots of typos and misspellings
      Add t/99-pod-spelling.t
      Copyright year bump
      A few more .gitignore entries
      Ignore text editor droppings from MANIFEST
      Remove inc from .gitignore since we do version it
      Version bump, regenerate META.yml, SIGNATURE, inc, etc
      Update Changes
      0.64, regenerate META and SIGNATURE

Thomas Sibley (2):
      Ensure encode_base64 doesn't choke on utf8
      Fix test plan


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