[Jifty-commit] jifty annotated tag, 1.10214, created. 1.10214

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Mon Feb 14 17:10:11 EST 2011

The annotated tag, 1.10214 has been created
        at  dd4303199243f7ab6bdf57c51c8c8854ae97b343 (tag)
   tagging  c7a29b803ba878741031cbba337a744870930cbe (commit)
  replaces  jifty-1.01209
 tagged by  Shawn M Moore
        on  Mon Feb 14 17:09:58 2011 -0500

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Alex Vandiver (3):
      Add a timestamp type
      Add a default timezone configuration
      Compiled condition cache should depend on cwd, as well

Kevin Falcone (1):
      Since plackup -s FCGI doesn't work, don't recommend it

Shawn M Moore (8):
      Grammar fix and strengthen the "don't use this for new deployments"
      Add support for cc and bcc in Jifty::Notification
      Fix a test that wants the old-style html tag
      Notify the record when we're about to begin running through an Update
      Bump JDBI dep to the latest
      Relenging 1.10214
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP
      Regenerate SIGNATURE

Thomas Sibley (19):
      Point users to perldoc Jifty::Config in the new app config file
      Don't automatically upgrade the schema when running jifty schema --print
      Add some newlines to our warnings to kill the line numbers
      Monkeypatch Mouse to silence misleading warnings
      Correct an image URL in CSS to point to /static/
      render_title_inpage expects to be passed the title
      Fix function name in doc
      __page is only relevant for SPA, which isn't the default configuration
      Spelling fix in docs
      Fix jifty schema --setup when AutoUpgrade is off
      Revert "* Upgrade a region error from a debug to a warning."
      Add the id and class attributes to Forms, aliasing id and name
      Make sure the submenu <ul> has the submenu class
      Add a deep_active option to render active menu items all the way down
      Add an option to kill the JS expand spans
      Test the count of children, not just the truth
      Switch to an HTML5 doctype from XHTML
      Let JIFTY_LOG_LEVEL override LogLevel from the config
      Revert "Remove the unused drop-column logic from jifty schema --setup, since ->columns returns only active cols"


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