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The annotated tag, 0.60 has been created
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 tagged by  Alex Vandiver
        on  Mon Jan 4 13:03:35 2010 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 0.60
Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)


Agent Zhang (5):
      - added t/13collection.t to test methods in Jifty::DBI::Collection.

Alex Vandiver (94):
      RE-Ticket: 5719
      * More capitalization fixes; passes all tests
      * Fix Changes file to refer to DBIx::SearchBuilder, and the fork
      * ->new doean't always get calle,d if we're loading from a session,
      * POD formatting nits
      * Declaritive schema syntax.
      * More column properties (should get pushed into JFDI)
      * Forward port changes from DBIx-SB, mostly logging fixes
      * mandatory replaces not_null
      * Make 'not_null' still work
      * Remove swearwords and JFDI references
      * Update to new version of Module::Install
      * If guessing the record_class fails based on the collection's class
      * clean_slate calls implicit_clauses to let the collection do some setup
      * Updated Module::Install
      (empty commit message)
      * Doc fixes
      * Add 'is distinct' back again, with a note that is is unimplemented
      * Use objects instead of prototypes to know how much of @_ to eat
      * We need to import (and use correctly) croak
      * Fix uninitialized value warnings
      * Use croak to produce more useful errors
      * Use croak to produce more useful errors
      * Allow set_* methods to work on objects with no id
      * Deal with DateTimes seperated by spaces instead of 'T's
      * Sort dependencies in Makefile.PL
      * Fix number of tests in datetime
      * Filters and filter fixes
      * Storable can't handle things that aren't references.  So make it a
      * Make Postgres support BLOBs
      * Be able to say C<default is literal 'now()'>
      * We do need to grab the number of entries, for the pager
      * Doc fixes relating to filters
      (empty commit message)
      * Enforce "default is ''" on columns
      * Untabify
      * Perltidy
      * Enforce mandatory things at a Jifty::DBI layer
      * Only set a validator if we are actually doing something
      * Case insensitive searches should be, euh, case insensitive in Pg
      * Better fix than using lc, so it works with non-ASCII
      * Mark undef PK loading as TODO
      * Perltidy
      * Only mark the one failing test under mysql as TODO
      * Make _open_paren and _close_paren into public methods open_paren and close_paren
      * Bump version
      * Fix typo; extra "h" on transaction_depth
      * We can have 0-valued columns!
      * We can have 0-valued columns, again
      * If we left join'd on the preload, skip the NULLs
      * perltidy
      * Version bump, for the previous vaguely non-backcompat changes
      * Alias columns now count as virtual
      * The formatter can't be decided at compile time, because subclasses
      * Fix reverse joins.  Broken in multiple ways.
      * UNIVERSAL::require has a memory leak, fixed by 0.11
      * Revert mistaken change
      * Get rid of reference to deprecated method
      * Fix typo
      * Protected and private fields, for Jifty's automatic action introspection
      * Bump for added properties
      * Fix collections in bool context
      * Return self, not true, in boolean context
      * Fixes for NULL boolean columns
      * Note that booleans render as checkboxes
      * Revert paging fix which isn't quite ready yet
      * Add the ability to unload columns and prefetched values
      * Storable with non-bytea is OK if we base64
      * When we have group_by, the first column may not be enough to distinctify the rows.  But since they're grouped, they're all distinct by definition.
      * Perltidy, primarily for indentation fixes
      * Collapse fetched and raw_fetched; fetched wasn't being properly set, leaving to lack of decoding when reading from cache
      * apply filters to "default is ..." values, so "is boolean, default is 0" works on pg, for instance
      Save some slow Class::Accessor calls
      Stick aliases into COLUMNS as well, for faster lookup
      Provide a faster load_from_hash for when we're being called from do_search
      0.53 releng
      Version bump after 0.53 release
      During DESTROY, don't explicitly disconnect a dbh set InactiveDestroy
      Use eval {} in Jifty::DBI::Handle's DESTROY block when manipulating DBI
      Fix a place where ->record_class->new was being called instead of ->new_item
      Avoid calls to ->new_item when possible
      Make "default is ''" propagate correctly to ALTER and CREATE TABLE statements
      Don't rely on the database's sort order defaulting to 'id'
      Don't add LOWER() on <= or >= operators, only =
      Make sqlite respect _case_insensitivity_valid
      Refactor Pg's stricter operator testing out to Jifty::DBI::Handle
      Fix insensitive operators to work with != and NOT LIKE
      More extensive testing of case sensitivity in collections
      Move quote_value into Jifty::DBI::Handle
      Change existing called to use the new moved quote_value
      When generating COUNT, don't add a DISTINCT unless we need it
      Add an attribute which controls placeholder use for load_by_cols
      0.60 changes
      Regenerate SIGNATURE for 0.60

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp (42):
      added Makefile.old to svn:ignore
      added a YAML filter
      added a test for the Storable filter
      removed imports in YAML filter to prevent namespace pollution issues
      added a simple test for as_hash
      * Added better handling of schema versioning
      added a simple test of as_hash
      * Added better handling of schema versioning
      latest jifty.org
      Added pod-coverage.t to encourage better documentation. Added documentation to Jifty::DBI::Record::Plugin.
      Fixed documentation coverage for Jifty::DBI::Record::Memcached.
      Fixed documentation coverage in Jifty::DBI::Record::Cachable.
      Commented out incomplete apply_limits method in the Sybase handle.
      Fixed documentation coverage for Jifty::DBI::Handle::Informix.
      Added documentation to Jifty::DBI::Filter::Truncate and removed empty file lib/Jifty/DBI/Filter/JiftyRecord.pm
      (empty commit message)
      Added recognition of Jifty::DBI::Record links in _gen_record_cache_key to resolve a problem with the wrong record being returned when passing a record object to load_by_cols on cachable records.
      Cleaned up the documentation in Jifty::DBI::Filter.
      Added more code comments, minor perl tidy, and removed a redundant call to set the column type.
      Added support for virtual record columns.
      Updated documentation to discuss the register_triggers_late() method.
      Removed register_triggers_late() in favor of register_triggers_for_column(), which is nearly the same thing but with clearer semantics.
      Fixed a significant typo that made it into the code of the previous commit.
      Fix the documentation of the after_create trigger to match the actual behavior.
      Reverting previous mistaken commit.
      Fix the documentation of the after_create trigger to match the actual behavior (and only that, this time).
      Improvements to the trigger documentation for after_create and before_create.
      Added tests and debugged register_triggers_for_column on record plugins.
      Moved Jifty::DBI to use Class::Trigger instead of its own fork of Class::Trigger.
      Adding before_set and after_set triggers and tests for them.
      Adding basic documentation for before_set and after_set triggers.
      Added a new accessor, RECORD_MIXINS, for tracking which mixins have been attached to a model.
      Fix the call to the after_set trigger.
      Added documentation for using @EXPORT with mixins.
      Make sure limit() does not modify arrays passed in to the "value" parameter.
      Setting a default for RECORD_MIXINS and altering the mk_classdata() decls to avoid any confusion with the mk_accessors() interface.
      Eliminated the ?: at the end of import() since RECORD_MIXINS is now [] by default.
      Added the ping/reconnect on error as suggested by Jesse.
      Adding an example of open_paren/close_paren and limit subclause.
      Added documentation for "IS" on limit().
      Added a unit test for the SaltHash filter
      SaltHash test does not need an is_deeply() here

Artur Bergmen (1):
      Remove duplicate active sub

Audrey Tang (75):
      Use memoization for ->id instead of explicitly assigning it.
      Initialize the _Class cache only when we are actually using it.
      * remove Want.pm from Jifty::DBI deps
      * ->join now takes optional "operator" to allow joining with
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection - Fix two misuse of keys():
      * Jifty::DBI::Record - add the API "collection_class"
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection - minor doc ceanup, change join() to CORE::join().
      * Jifty::DBI::Filter::Storable - Make sure that Storable gets byte buffers,
      *Jifty::DBI::Collection - minor POD style and typo fix.
      * upgrade inc/ trees to 0.62+ to reflect the version::vpp fix.
      * Jifty::DBI::Filter::Storable - Do not die when the storable image is somehow
      * Update Module::Install to 0.21+ to prevent make loop; also
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema: Lift the restriction to use another ::Schema
      * update the testmodels.pl to use new schema decl syntax
      * Lift the call of schema to BEGIN time:
      * Change the "schema" idiom again.  It now reads:
      * Change the schema idiom yet again.  It's now:
      * Remove the @ISA-mocking code from Jifty::DBI::Schema, so that
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - defer initialization for columns created via the
      * attempt to test "label" and "type" column definitions.
      * 10schema.t - try to adjust schema output to make anna happy.
      * J::DBI::Schema - POD typo and style fix
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - s/die/croak/ to aid debugging.
      * rindolf++ reported that J::DBI has executable files.
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Backport "valid are qw(...)" and "render as '...'"
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection - More CORE::join() to avoid warnings.
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Backport "order is 3" as alias of "sort_order is 3"
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Add "is autocompleted".
      * Jifty::DBI::Handle::ODBC - Doc fixup and author name fixup.
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection - Document the long-undocumented ->column method.
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection - The "function" argument to the "column" method
      * Jifty::DBI::Column - Recognize "is autocompleted".
      * Jifty::DBI::Handle::ODBC - Bring in the missing build_dsn method from
      * Completely finish porting Jifty::DBI::Schema to use Object::Declare.
      * Jifty::DBI - Thoroughly deprecate "length is 42" in favor of
      * Changelog for 0.31.
      * POD and example style cleanup.
      * Merge from trunk.
      * This be Jifty::DBI, version 0.31.
      * 0.31 for real.
      * Merge down from 0.31.
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Display prominient deprecation warning
      * This be Jifty::DBI 0.32.
      * This be 0.39_999.
      * Remove wrong use of SimpleTrace
      * Fix warning in die sighandler
      * try again...
      * Another try at warning avoidance.
      * render_as
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Proper support for since/until
      * Remove the "until '123'" support that was never working anyway.  It's now
      * Add support for "till '1.2.3'"; the old "until '1.2.3'" syntax never
      * Disable redefinition warnings for people using schema {...}
      * Jifty::DBI::Column - Remove ->until in OD branch
      * Obsoletes $column->until; write $column->till instead.
      * Fix "refers_to" bug when cloning virtual columns with column name matching /_id$/.
      * Fix mismerge.
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - refers_to handling assumes UNIVERSAL::require(),
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Rescind "refers Foo::Bar" support as it's not English.
      * Add new synonym "references" for "refers_to" as it has no underscores.
      * Introduce __create as a way to override/intercept raw row creation.
      Merge from /Jifty-DBI/trunk:2707
      * Rescind __create and instead move it to Handle->_create.
      Merge from /Jifty-DBI/trunk:2711
      * Add back the __create hook because that's the only semantically
      Merge from /Jifty-DBI/trunk:2725
      * Don't check "virtual" columns beginning with __, such as __uuid.
      Merge from /Jifty-DBI/trunk:2729
      * Jifty::DBI::Schema - Don't rescind &defer and &lazy after the
      * Jifty::DBI now requires on Scalar::Defer 0.10.
      * Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime: The _time_zone setting was not
      * Jifty::DBI::Handle - When "begin_transaction", "commit" and "rollback"
      * Tiny POD tweak so t/pod-coverage.t passes.
      * Add <$collection> and @$collection syntax sugar that simply
      * Jifty::DBI::Handle::SQLite - LOWER() in SQLite is expensive;

Bart Bunting (5):
      Add initial debian directory and the start at the control file.  Just collecting all the dependencies.
      more debian packageing stuff
      Add README
      Small error string change to suggest looking for missing use lines in models where refer_to is used
      update version dependency on DateTime to 0.34

Chia-liang Kao (32):
      Integrate today's hack for dumping callers for sql queries in
      Fix bad pod.
      Carp::cluck hates END and vice versa.
      Use Class::Accessor::Fast.
      Do fewer ->COLUMNS calls from ->column, and do fewer ->column calls from
      Allow collection SELECTs to have preload_columns defined.
      show the bind values for query caller as well.
      * Propery cache DBI::Record entries when aliased.
      * Refactor Jifty::DBI::Filter::Date to be a subclass of ::Filter::DateTime.
      Don't use main.*, ever.
      Modernize tests to use Jifty::DBI::Record schema {...} for schema.
      branch for OD-ify jifty::dbi.
      od-ify jifty::dbi
      First draft of bundled type support.
      tests for inherited models.
      Make load_by_cols work when a given value is undef by turning
      Add Hash::Merge to Makefile.PL.
      * Don't use $_ when calling triggers.
      Remove duplicated code.
      revert last two commits which breaks adding multiple triggers in one call.
      Allow custom type to register other columns.
      Add container attribute for things that doesn't exist but want to be displayed.
      Bump version number.
      * Allow is_distinct when joining collections, hinting the
      Refactor Jifty::DBI::Column to split attributes into two groups.
      unreadable and immutable are now in attributes.
      * New column attribute: is case_sensitive
      Bump version as we have new features.
      some tests for referencing.
      Plugin import must not call ->columns which causes incorrect caching.
      Make Jifty::DBI::Record::Cachable not to store cache during transaction, instead of trying (ineffectively) flushing the cache from handle level.
      Bump version to 0.59.

David Glasser (61):
      Grammar fixes to POD.
      make a DBIx::SearchBuilder local branch to work on reblessing, etc
      New feature: $h = DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle->new;
      Doc fixes, and refactor into RecordCount
      A few more doc changes
      Patch from Ruslan:
      Fix from Ruslan to the reblessing code.
      From Ruslan: for numeric types, make the empty check be "null or 0", not "null or ''"
      Basic sketch of SchemaGenerator.  Doesn't do columns yet
      Columns, primary keys work in SchemaGen.
      Make schema generation an optional feature
      Stub support for REFERENCES
      Generate _ClassAccessible from Schema, if there is a Schema
      Wrong argument to Connect
      Add Postgres versions of the new tests
      New feature: $h = DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle->new;
      Document the new 'make test' stuff, and add a README. (And update copyright to 2005.)
      Doc fixes, and refactor into RecordCount
      A few more doc changes
      Patch from Ruslan:
      From Ruslan: for numeric types, make the empty check be "null or 0", not "null or ''"
      Merge commit
      Basic sketch of SchemaGenerator.  Doesn't do columns yet
      Columns, primary keys work in SchemaGen.
      Make schema generation an optional feature
      Stub support for REFERENCES
      Branch CreateTableSQL into a single-text-blob returning method and a list-of-statements
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      Branch CreateTableSQL into a single-text-blob returning method and a list-of-statements
      Basic sketch of SchemaGenerator.  Doesn't do columns yet
      Columns, primary keys work in SchemaGen.
      Make schema generation an optional feature
      Schema tests were testing for 0 when they wanted to test for falseness
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      Sorry about all the madness. I think everything is good now.
      got ->1 REFERENCES working
      Reading and writing to (non-foreign) references.  Recognition of foreign-collections,
      Add Class::Accessor as a prereq if we're doing schema gen
      change a whole bunch of $sb->{'table'} to $sb->Table
      Support DEFAULT in schema.
      Fix Readable/WritableAttributes to notice REFERENCES.
      Fix group by / order by bug (http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bug.html?id=13060)
      Don't add columns for foreign keys!
      For Pg, don't try to lowercase quoted numbers either.
      Local branch of Jifty::DBI

Dobrica Pavlinusic (1):
      call _init_hander for all columns

Edmund von der Burg (2):
      Minor changes to pod
      Added sample code to POD for 'before_create' and 'after_create' to make it easier for users to implement by copy and pasting.

Edward Funnekotter (1):
      Added support for the IN operator within limits.  This should be accompanied by an array ref of values to be compared against.  It also allows an array ref to be passed with the '=' operator to accomplish the same thing

Eric Wilhelm (16):
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Handle.pm - documentation fixes/cleanup
      lib/Jifty/DBI/SchemaGenerator.pm - pod edits:
      lib/Jifty/DBI/SchemaGenerator.pm - crediting myself per Jesse's suggestion :-O
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Record.pm - catch attempts to set a refers_to
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      t/10schema.t - silence undef warning
      (empty commit message)
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Record.pm - do not try to set_<foo>() a collection
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Record.pm - added Class::ReturnValue's to disallowed accessors
      (empty commit message)
      t/01-version_checks.t - test for CPAN VERSION parsing hang-ups
      lib/Jifty/DBI/SchemaGenerator.pm - undo
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Record.pm - removed incorrect '=for' directive
      lib/Jifty/DBI/Collection.pm - pod spelling correction

Gaal Yahas (1):
      * avoid a warning in Jifty::DBI::Schema when our user is executing

Jason May (3):
      Exclude user and passowrd from the DSN so it doesn't show up in the terminal
      User and password values are excluded from the DSN in a more proper fashion
      collections can now clear_order_by

Jesse Vincent (390):
      Initial import
      Adding commit-rollback support
      Bumping the revision to 0.60
      Overhauling DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable
      Reporting SQL failures up the chain
      Fixing a db connect error
      Transactions are now nestable
      Made IsSQL work
      Fixed a caching bug in record::Cachable
      Initial port to DBD::SQLite
      Adding support for mysqlpp
      Applying RobRT's perens magice
      Fixing warnings on cache misses
      Making sure the version stuff is ok
      i18n patch from autrijus
      Dealing with cache miss warnings
      Count fix from robrt
      More accessors for ClassAccessible data
      Search paging fix
      Oracle DISTINCT patch from Brook
      Attempting to change postgres' join behavior
      Oracle updates from Brook Schofield
      DISTINCT fix
      Attempting to fix postgres quoting.
      Trying to speed up cache checks
      Bumping to 0.82
      Additional work on SQLite port
      Applying stan's DESTROY fix
      Record AUTOLOAD patch from mat at mat.cc
      Oracle insert fix from Brook
      Fix to stan's fix from autrijus
      Fixing hash value downcasing
      adding functionality to determine if we're inside a DB txn
      fixing version #
      Bumping version to 0.84
      0.85 - The 'disconnect on DESTROY' fix in 0.84 was wrong
      Fixed a connection issue with postgres. Bumping to 0.86
      Proper distinct on left joins
      Patch from Brook for better distinct queries and more oracle support
      Patch from Grant DeGraw to allow ordering by multiple columns
      Performance fixes (Don't perform unnecessary stacktraces)
      updating the build infrastructure
      Case insensitive improvements for postgres
      ODBC support
      Allowing order based on functions
      CPAN# 4167: Allow multiple handles in one application
      Need to add new files to the manifest
      Initial Informix import
      Version # was incorrect
      Bumping to 0.93
      Fix for autrijus' multi-handle code; 0.94
      Removed unfortunate escaping.
      Updating manifest skip file and signatures
      Altered case insensitive matching behaviour for postgres to be more forgiving and use ILIKE.
      Bumped the version
      postgres fixes
      bumping to .95
      signing, upgrading Module::Install
      Removed the inc cirectory from the trunk, as svn gets confused when Module::Install blows it away
      Cachable records cache lookups are now much more effective.
      0.96_01 - Fix a couple of spurious warnings in Record::Cachable
      Bumped to 0.96_01
      Fixing a bug in Record.pm that allowed for LoadByValue with an array of values for an article. Or well, didn't allow it, but didn't cope well with the attempt
      Bumping to 0.96
      Patch for oracle's non-support of binary-safe blobs
      GroupBy and Delayed load support from autrijus tang
      Bumping version to 0.97
      Fixed record::cachable key generation for Postres
      Better support for != on Postgres
      New test infrastructure from andy lester.
      0.98_04 - New mysql/oracle "Join" code that allows more complex bundling of
      Updated release notes
      Manifest updates for Union.
      Switching postgres query builder to prefer LOWER() to ILIKE
      Updated SearchBuilder support for SQLite's COUNT (DISTINCT)
      1.00_01 - Better handling of case insensitive comparisons on Postgres
      Updated signatures
      fsck.com #5638: SearchBuilder->GotoPage had inefficient code. Cleaned up
      Fixing query generation to be more oracle friendly. Oracle hated "AS" in table name aliases
      First cut at sybase support
      Postgres patch from autrijus
      1.00_06 - Pg/Oracle: Don't attempt to do case insensitive comparisons on
      Now when joining two tables to each other, postgres will no longer try to LOWER() one of them
      Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::SearchBuilder.
      1.02_02 Tue Jul 20 13:06:06 EDT 2004
      1.02_03 Thu Jul 22 13:29:17 EDT 2004
      Signatures updated
      Checking in the sybase handle. Doesn't work well yet.
      - Reimplemented DBIx::SearchBuilder:::Record::Cachable
      Updated to new Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry API. some code cleanups
      Sanity fixes to the caching layer from autrijus
      Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::SearchBuilder.
      helps if I bump the version
      -   Reworked the _Accessible mechanism in DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record to
      Fixing the code that handles the old _Accessible layer to be more robust. (It may want to be made faster, but if you are using code that needs the emulation code, you can get more speed by upgrading to a newer app ;)
      Merge commit
      Bumped to 1.10
      Bumped Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry version dependency
      Beginning of significant refactoring (without published API change) in SearchBuilder.pm
      Removed bogus "->id" cache
      Applied new functionality patch from Ruslan which gives us a __Delete method, so that a subclass can easily ACL "Delete"
      From:     simonm at cavalletto.org
      More refactoring! This time to make it easier to just shove things into searchbuilder collections
      Bumping to 1.12_1
      This be 1.12
      - Silenced warnings about uninitialized warnings when inserting null cols
      Added some more _ aliases for the CamelCase functions
      Updated Delete method to
      - Minor refactoring of 'id' method for a stupid, tiny perf improvement
      - Refactoring of DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable for performance
      a couple tiny bug fixes
      Added a FlushCache method to DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::Cachable
      Perltidied Record->Create
      Start of a test suite
      - SearchBuilder now truncates strings before inserting them into character
      Manfiest update - bumped version
      manifest fix
      (empty commit message)
      Bumping to 1.13_3
      No need to truncate empty things
      Fixing a couple potential warnings in the new truncation code
      Bumped to 1.13_04
      Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 20:58:15 -0500
      bumped to 1.14
      Fix a test bug when SQLite isn not installed
      This be 1.16. cache coherency fixes
      Test suite additions from ruz
      Fixed automatic Object Mapping code (automatic resolution of object relations based on column naming) -- From Ruslan
      Added a test to records_object while debugging
      _Accessible fixes from Ruslan
      Oracle blob fixes
      Fixes for smoke testing without DBD::Oracle from Ruslan
      - Properly mark BLOB columns in UPDATE calls. (DBD::Oracle 1.16 broke without this)
      This be 1.19
      Corion's cpansmoker pointed out that we were hardcoding /tmp.  Now we use File::Spec
      1.20 / minor test fixes from cubic
      Bumping to 1.21, fix for blob value corruption after update with oracle
      turn off utf8 flag on data just before inserting it, as that could make
      Require Encode since we require Encode
      Patch from Ruslan to use the DBI to better quote identifiers
      Attached patch is ready to apply, but part of the work to make SB tests
      00.load didn't deal gracefully if you had cache::memcached isntalled
      Added inc
      Slight refactoring to work around weirdness in perl's debugger
      Moved a deprecation warning from a comment to POD
      Added a SearchBuilder::Unique subclass
      Backing out change to use DBI->quote_identifier on table and column names, as it breaks Pg
      1.26 Sun Apr 17 19:22:23 EDT 2005
      Signature update
      group by functions improvements
      Signature for 1.27
      Switch from manual subroutine aliases to capitalize.pm
      Tests for the no-capitalization API
      1.30_01 really
      third time. charm.
      Significant testing updates from ruslan to support multi-handle testing.
      AUTOLOAD refactoring from ruslan
      Better test coverage for record objects from Ruslan
      _LoadFromSQL never reported error when PK fields are missed. Fixed.
      Changelog from ruslan
      New search tests from ruslan
      From ruslan:
      Ruslan added an init_data method to t/utils.pl
      Schema tests were testing for 0 when they wanted to test for falseness
      Note a minimum Test::More dependency for testing. Thanks to Ruslan
      Fix a typo
      Patch from ruslan to remove outdated fold markers
      ROADMAP from Ruslan
      More fleshing out of how validation is supposed to work
      make _ClassAccessibleFromSchema respect _PrimaryKeys
      Branching searchbuilder to Jifty::DBI so we can gut the API
      * basic restructuring. renaming. time for something deeper.
      * Starting the great decapitalzation
      * perltidy! With this perltidyrc
      AutoCommit can not be downcased
      * Forward ported alex's foo_id -> foo (object) patches from searchbuilder
      * more lowercasey goodness
      * Record new style about how we refer to columns. We are not yet conformant
      * Added notes from a design session with glasser
      * Refactor class_accessible to use schema always
      * Minor SchemaGenerator cleanups in preparation for massive scariness of declarative syntax
      * Still not working (the majority of the refactoring is done)
      It's nice when I commit the new library too
      Added the new file to the manifest
      * Checkpoint. tests pass
      * Bumping the version number. The one tool that uses Jifty::DBI now understands the new style/syntax.
      * Debugging statements removed
      * immaterial changes
      * We need UNIVERSAL::require to require from strings.
      * Removed load_by_id method
      * Typo fixes. found by ruslan
      * A bit more cleanup to Record.pm, thanks to ruslan
      * First pass of filters API. Not hooked up yet.
      * Truncation of content moved to a filter
      * now that it works, remove the old routine
      * Limit got downcased
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection doc cleanup
      * Next cut of filters from Ruslan
      *Reverting the patch from ruslan, as he would prefer to send smaller patches
      * __set no longer returns failure when you try to apply a change that's already
      * We need a recent encode.
      * Perltidied Record.pm
      * Made ->table work as a class method
      * Refaqcotring missed a SB->Jifty::DBI::Collection change
      * refactoring new_alias to let it take objects as well as table names
      * lowercased the collections API
      * Downcased the Jifty::DBI API
      * Collection code cleanup (minor)
      * perltidy!
      perltidyed the collection lib
      * removing unused subs, documenting
      * we were resetting must_redo_search with and without an API
      _where_clause cleanup
      minor cleanups to build_select_count_query
      LowerCasing of QueryString
      LowerCasing of QueryString
      LowerCasing of QueryString
      * cleanups to left_join query building ; allowed entry_aggregators for left_join criteria
      * doc updates to Jifty::DBI::Record
      * docs shuffle
      * removing deprecated paging interface
      * field became column, consistently
      * moved new paging code from Jifty to Jifty::DBI
      *oops. method rename went awry
      * Prepping for release
      * released 0.05_01
      * Added the beginnings of support for "distinct" columns
      * 0.05_02
      * Relaxed encode dependency per autri
      * First cut at named args
      * named references
      * Forward ported Collection clone method
      * Forward ported column aliasing fix from SB
      * Ported fixes from SB to Pg handle
      * Ported fixes from SB to Sybase handle
      * Ported fixes from SB to Orace handle
      * Ported fixes from SB to Informix handle
      * Ported fixes from SB to ODBC handle
      * Ported fixes from SB to base handle
      * delayed creation of group and orderby clauses
      * Added clone dependency and changelog
      * Test updates for mysql and pg
      * When forcing a search re-do, don't cache the results of a count
      * better collection resetting
      * This be 0.06
      * Always lowercase column names
      * 0.07
      * Added dependency on Exporter Lite. Thanks to sri
      Revision history for Perl extension Jifty::DBI.
      * Added no_index directives - Adam Kennedy
      * 0.09
      * Made DBIx::DBschema a versioned core dependency
      * made Jifty::DBI::Schema use warnings/use strict
      * 0.10
      * Updated docs to document hooks. I guess we're stuck with them now.
      * Just to break every possible patch. (and to make maintenance a bit easier), perltidied the source.
      * Workaround for @#%@%@#$%@! mysql. Hate.
      * docs typo fix
      * 0.11
      * Changing defaults for "type" to only be varchar(255) if we're not a foriegn key.
      * Doc patches from David Adler
      * Better tablename caching in JDBI record. (Rather than pluralizing each time we want it)
      * Refactoring Record::Cachable in advance of memcached support
      * refactor
      * note
      * Memcached support
      * 0.16 - fixes for Memcached
      * Now it passes tests! And it's less code
      * Added a "filters" alias for input_filters and output_filters
      * 0.18
      * Removing .author from inc/, so it will not hurt developers with svn as much
      * 0.19 ; autoordering of columns
      * YetAnotherEric pointed out that the SchemaGenerator docs were out of date.
      * more POD fixes from eric
      * More pod fixes from eric
      * Doc updates from Eric Wilhelm
      * Postgres sequence parsing fix from Daniel Tabuenca
      * records with a zero id weren't being properly cached
      * dha found a pod nit
      * __value performance improvement for the common case.
      * Try hard not to call "require" on filters unless we need to
      * Eric Wilhelm points out that a one-indexed "First row" should never, ever be 0
      * Test cleanup from Eric Wilhelm
      * 0.20
      * Switched Jifty::DBI::Record to use load-time method instantiation,
      Eric Wilhelm:
      Eric Wilhelm updated his earlier patch to use Class::ReturnValue
      * Jifty::DBI::Filter::Date
      *Removed warnings
      * The caching, it's less broken
      * We no longer do a count when setting up a collection's pager object by default
      * Changes file updated
      * created an api to allow distinct toggling
      * Logic errror in that previous commit
      * Cache::Memcached was being tested whether or not it was installed. Thanks to Matt Trout
      * removed a debug warning from alex
      add_record now works on empty collections
      (empty commit message)
      * Oracle fixes from Mark Gardner
      * JDBI 0.22, just because
      * Caching for columns and readable/writable attributes. Only gains us 2% performance. But hey. 2% free
      * 0.23
      * doc cleanups
      * cleaned up DSN generation.
      * Updated changes file
      * The new Jifty declarative schema stuff results in an empty hashref on model init
      ( If a user tries to load a record by columns that happen ot be foriegn keys, and values that are objects, do the right thing
      * 0.25
      * Older DBI versions didn't provide the API we're using. (0.22 is known bad)
      * added as_hash to Jifty::DBI::Record
      * Tests updated to not have $sth in scope when we $dbh->disconnect
      * 0.26
      * Signed
      *  Initial implementation of "Prefetch" of related columns and tables when loading a collection
      * A better attempt at prefetch (The last commit passed tests locally because M::I cached the old copy of the libs)
      * Postgres can't use an index on ILIKE, so we'll back off to a more traditional LOWER(x) LIKE LOWER(y) solution.
      * Case sensitivity is nice for comparisons on operators
      * 0.27
      * 0.29 (releng fixes only)
      * Jifty::DBI::Collection: Pass through the arguments to L</new> to  L<clean_slate> and on to L<implicit_clauses>
      0.30 release engineering
      * load* and create are now optionally class methods that instantiate and return new objects on the fly, for greater source purity
      * bump the version to 0.31 so we can depend on the new semantics
      * Add back support for 'since' and 'until'
      added a method to the schema generator to get at column_definition_sql
      Merge from /Jifty-DBI/trunk:2675
      * 0.34
      * Better handle the case when a model has no columns and we call ->columns on it.
      * Better debugging when we fail an is_distinct check on a create. (this probably doesn't need to actually be a warning, but it's good practice to catch it BEFORE trying to do the insert)
      * Scalar::Defer is never used
      * Fix 'literal' support in the Object::Declare branch of Jifty
      * Initial stab at a mixin-based Jifty::DBI::Record plugin system.
      * Blow the methods into the _right_ class
      s47595 at pinglin (orig r2766):  falcone | 2007-02-08 14:16:33 -0500
      * plugins can now export subs
      * Initial refactoring to introduce callbacks for plugins
      * extracting methods for calling validation and Class::Trigger support
      * Added intial support for plugins to register triggers
      * Merge down from the Object::Declare branch
      * consistent return values are good. arrayref of array != arrayref of arrayref
      * Finished sky++'s reversion of r3016, an accidental commit (merge bug)
      * Better non-lower()ing of non-string types on search.
      0.41 releng
      From:     dgood at willingminds.com
      * Added a way to serialize a model's schema into a perl data structure.
      (empty commit message)
      * TEXT fields are text too, not just varchars ;)
      * Basic updates t6 work with the new DBIx::DBSchema ::Index support
      * Bumping DBIx::DBSchema requirement to 0.33
      * Bumping M::I to 0.67
      * Additional  bulletproofing to stop jifty from trying to insert a bogus date into the database.
      * Added a find_all_rows method which works like 'unlimit' without the side effect of calling _clean_slate and zapping other metadata.
      * first stab at a UUID filter
      * Removed this. not time yet
      * 0.43
      * signature file
      * Fixing case errors in tests
      * Add support for non-lowercase column names
      *Test updates for case issues
      * When we fail to load a related model class for a good reason, actually die, rather than burying the error
      Allow the specification of functions as 'column' on sql search criteria.
      defined is not what you check to see if there is a hash entry. this will stop bogus extra sql calls that slowed down your app
      removing a duplicate var name
      * 0.45
      * better pod coverage of deprecated methods
      * stray tempfile leakage fixed. reported by andk
      0.46 releng
      * Be a bit cleverer about not always doing a count before doing a select
      (empty commit message)
      * By not reaching inside the pager object, we save on some useless forced SQL queries
      * Fix a mismerge in 4642
      * Be more careful about initializing values we're using
      * Allow starts_with and ends_with in addition to STARTSWITH and ENDSWITH
      * Quiet down defaults for an annoying regex match in current DBIx::DBSChema
      * defaulting to a not-null string
      * fixing our lower() behaviour on non-text columns when we were being stupid

Kenichi Ishigaki (5):
      The number of fixed tests in t/10schema.t for Jifty::DBI was wrong.
      make sure to skip 04memcached.t if you don't have Cache::Memcached
      JDBI: added 'escape' option (undef by default) to Collection->limit, to allow "where column like 'something including wildcard(\\%)' ESCAPE '\\'" kind of stuff, mainly for SQLite which doesn't seem to be able to escape wildcards without ESCAPE
      JDBI: changed escape character in the t/01searches.t from backslashes to at mark, which is cleaner and kind to postgres; added pod
      JDBI: use YAML () -> require YAML to suppress error when YAML is not installed (but ::Syck is installed)

Kevin Falcone (20):
      demonstrate the valid_values alternate syntax that allows display and value to be separate
      * decode() shouldn't be getting dates it can't understand
      * import Carp::croak so the error message in apply works
      * add sqlite sql so that these tests run without needing postgres configured
      * remove sort, it causes CREATE INDEX to run before CREATE TABLE
      * add 'is indexed' syntax to the declaritive schema generator
      * bytea columns also need to be flagged with DBD::Pg::PG_BYTEA when binding params
      * add missing Class::Trigger dependancy
      * fix table name so test pass on PG
      * rework Synopsis to have code that works
      * we have code that uses Jifty::Collection::implicit_clauses
      * we don't need to TODO this MySQL test because the case matches exactly
      * tell Pg to be case sensitive on IN clauses and handle the arrayref
      * remove debugging from test
      * typo fix in docs
      * mysql doesn't handle bare varchar's
      * typo fix in docs
      * mysql doesn't handle bare varchar's
      * expand the escape documentation
      * additional docs for load_by_cols

Kevin Riggle (1):
      * Renamed (most of) the functions in the test suite that wanted renaming

Matthew Wilson (1):
      more POD corrections

Michael Schwern (6):
      Update to Module::Install 0.64 to fix auto_install() when Makefile.PL is
      Updated META.yml
      Set svn:ignore for MakeMaker and Module::Install junk
      Use DBIx::DBScehma::Column and ::Table rather than trust that DBIx::DBScehma
      @ISA => use base
      Whitespace nits

Nelson Elhage (7):
      Adding a filter to salt and hash passwords
      Adding an after_set hook to Jifty::DBI::Record
      *whistles innocently*
      Typo fix
      Fix Jifty::DBI::Record::Memcached typo in _init
      JDBI::Filter::Date clones dates before setting timezone, so that we
      Adding some basic Memcached tests

Robert Spier (3):
      Sync back to trunk so Linda can experiment with it.
      r90:  rspier | 2004-03-24T06:00:43.432212Z
      [fsck.com #5879] - DBIx::SearchBuilder should treat 'IS' as case insensitive, since most databases do too.

Ruslan Zakirov (83):
      HasFilters - abstract class for objects that has filters
      * added File::Spec
      * classes shouldn't import from util modules
      database version implementation
      * Column and Record classes inherit interface from HasFilter
      * Truncate - trancate data to fit available space
      * order_by never supported default value for FIELD
      * heading title
      * tests for cache
      * drop ::Cachable::new as it does nothing
      * add cache tests: columns names are case insensetive so we should
      * add simple connect_oracle for testing
      * port tests from DBIx::SearchBuilder
      * add schema for Oracle
      * add schema oracle
      * schema for oracle
      * clean criteria_count for now, later we'll get rid of it completly
      * fix "can't use undef as a hash ref"
      * don't clone things that don't exist
      * do the search in union to avoid useless count query
      * alias should be defaulted to 'main' not column
      * instead of failing return at least something from database_version for Oracle
      * allow to use STARTSWITH, ENDSWITH and MATCHES operators
      * use \Q\E around argument
      * join defined and not empty subclauses only
      * use arrays instead of strings in:
      * we have 'leftjoins', not 'left_joins'
      * use $meta local var to simplify code
      * store type and depends_on
      * add tests for several join methods we have
      * refactor build_joins to use perl structures to build joins
      * add LEFT joins optimizer
      * fix schema issues in a test
      * don't store referenced object if record_class argument is a reference,
      * micro-optimization of _filters which is called quite often
      * add double naming schema for record references:
      * column should be virtual
      * don't call accessor twice when we have values around
      * don't create new local copies we don't need around, just return
      * usually there is no output filters, don't waste time creating an array
      * play with self/class only when passed argument is not a reference
      * turn _handle _is_limited rows_per_page into accessors
      * in _do_search separate prefetch and no prefetch paths, the latter
      * move call where we only need it
      * FIX: $self->_new_collection_args should be passed to the constructor
      * refactor _qualified_record_columns
      * call ->table for defaulting only when we actually want defaulting
      * delay some calls and don't rewrite results of previouse calls
      * minor refactoring _get_alias
      * clean fetched in load_from_hash
      * grep before looping
      * delete commented code
      * pass arguments to the super method
      * update record_class' docs
      * cache load attempts in new_item method
      * no need to setup pager, its constructor does that for us
      * don't optimize left joins on mysql 5.0 and newer, may be other
      * return back code I've deleted accidently
      * cache load attempts in local static cache
      * we know several accessors so there is no point to check if we can call them
      * adjust tests a little according to the latest changes
      * move log method
      * add schema manipulation tables: rename_column and rename_table
      * make similar API in rename_column/rename_table
      * add special implementations of rename_column in SQLite and mysql
      * add tests for rename_column
      * ALTER TABLE for rename_table shows better consistency over DBs
      * test rename_table
      * unconditionaly drop tables for testing
      * version bump, 0.55
      * oops, we bumped 0.55 actualy
      * bump verion, 0.56
      * add drop_table_if_exists in t/utils.t
      * use drop_table_if_exists in tests
      * update pod
      * oops, hardcoded table name in the query
      * don't push base class into descendant multiple times

Sean E Millichamp (11):
      * Fixed Pod typo
      * Document the use and behavior of refers_to
      * Implement support for 'distinct' column checks
      * Tests for column constraints 'mandatory' and 'distinct'
      * Cleanup 'distinct' column check and tests
      * Make Jifty::DBI::Record::_init() expect a hash like Jifty::Record does
      * Restore support for old API method of new($handle)
      * Pod cleanup
      * Added DateTime::Format::Strptime to requires
      * Add tests for case sensitivity in limits
      * Mark case-sensitive tests as TODO for MySQL

Shane Landrum (2):
      POD fixes.
      Spelling fixes.

Shawn Moore (96):
      Add a peek to Jifty::DBI::Collection which returns the next item but doesn't
      Chop away needless code
      Fix 'uninitialized value' warnings
      Two fixes for timezones:
      Better error message when trying to use load_by_cols on a column that doesn't exist
      Comment out a test diag
      More needless warnings gone
      Improve the decode doc, which was mostly just a copy of encode
      Bump to 0.45 because of the JDBI::Filter::DateTime functionality fixes
      Add failing tests for mandatory columns that aren't active, they shouldn't have the not null constraint
      We don't need to check that a column is mandatory if it's not active
      Fix the mandatory/inactive tests
      Add a warning for mandatory+till until we fix it
      Get rid of a spurious warning
      Whoops, turned off the wrong warning
      POD coverage
      Update Changes
      manifest skip pm_to_blib, add new test file to manifest
      Let users run arbitrary code during SQL statement logging
      Release 0.48
      Improve the JDBI::Record->column doc
      We were leaking the collection on set_page_info. Yuck! We need some way to find these Scalar::Defer leaks
      Add optional dependencies on Time::Duration(::Parse) in Makefile.PL
      Add Collection->add_order_by, which refines ordering, instead of thrashing it
      No need to duplicate order_by's logic, just call thrash explicitly and call add_order_by
      Add a documentation meta-attribute, for Jifty
      Pass all data to logging hook so they can do more interesting things with them immediately
      Have filters receive the database handle
      Add "is boolean" support for not-braindead booleans.
      Complain if the encoded/decoded value doesn't return one of _is_true or _is_false.
      Add a new column attribute, encode_select. This will apply filters on load_by_cols and limit. Have Boolean use encode_select.
      Apply filters on default values for attributes
      Move the alias and column handling in ->limit up sooner so we have a column object as soon as possible
      encode and decode were swapped :|
      Fix final test failure: toggle pg_bool_tf before making the query
      Rename decode_select to encode_on_select
      Get rid of an unbalanced vim-fold
      Catch some expected warnings with (new dependency on) Test::Warn
      Changes for 0.49
      Update MANIFEST, SIGNATURE, META.yml, and inc
      Add a list of the major changes in this new version
      Update SIGNATURE, release 0.49
      Avoid undef warnings by defaulting current_page and per_page in set_page_info
      Scratch that set_page_info fix, we do want to warn about this
      Update copyright year to 2008
      Bump to 1.14 which gives us collate nocase
      requires('perl' => '5.8.3') confuses M:I. the "correct" incantation is perl_version('5.8.3')
      On rollback, flush the record cache
      Carp::cluck takes arguments :)
      Fix a broken regex that just happened to work because we only fed it correct data
      date_only method in date and datetime filters
      For date-only timestamps, set hour, minute, and second to zero
      Include the datetime string we're trying to decode
      Use DateTime's strptime since we don't want additional logic
      Add .gitignore
      Improve SQL error message and avoid its duplication
      Typo fix
      If a column's default is a record, call its id method
      Add a display_length attribute on columns
      Pull the input_ and output_filters out of the instance hash
      eval in DESTROY can cause $@ issues, so localize $@
      Do not use Scalar::Defer defaults for columns' defaults in the db
      0.57 changes
      Don't explicitly disconnect the handle, DESTROY handles it better
      Silence some intentional test warnings by testing them
      Destroy the handle explicitly to avoid more warnings
      Test more intentional warnings
      Last change :)
      Bump to 0.57
      Add more to MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP
      Regenerate SIGNATURE
      Post-release version bump
      Remove unused _limit_clause, limiting is a method on the handle
      Turn on strict and warnings for Jifty::DBI::Schema too
      Move supported_drivers and available_drivers into methods on the Handle class
      Document the quirky return value of ->connect
      Improve error message, since it'll be exposed in the UI :)
      0.58 changes
      "What is it trying to do." is kind of a silly header
      Regenerate signature
      Add gugud's Collection->each method from http://gugod.org/2009/08/extend-any-classes.html
      Fix assignment
      Primary keys come before nonprimary keys in readable_attributes
      Avoid undef warnings in readable_attributes
      Sometimes we just don't get along, Perl
      Support a special value of "all" in set_page_info
      Use more modern Module::Install
      0.59 changes
      Regenerate SIGNATURE
      Bump to version 0.60
      Regenerate META.yml
      Pass extra args from run_canonicalization_for_column to _run_callback

Somebody at Best Practical (30):
      Create directories to load project into.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.05 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      To prepare to load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.1.0 into
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.1.0 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.12 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.13 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.15 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.18 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.19 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.20 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.21 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.22 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.23 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.24 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.25 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.26 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.30 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.31 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.33 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.34 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.37 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.38 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.39 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.40 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.41 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.43 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.45 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.46 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.47 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.
      Load DBIx-SearchBuilder-0.48 into DBIx-SearchBuilder/trunk.

Thomas Sibley (34):
      Lump commit
      Cleaning up my accidental pull from DBIx::SearchBuilder...
      Oops.  Those new tests don't actually pass with SQLite.
      Better counting :)
      Test that the declarative syntax automagically sets validators as it should (these fail at the moment, though a fix should be forthcoming)
      more descriptive
      typo fix
      Fix bug where validator_COLUMN subs weren't getting set as validators (thanks to Audrey for help)
      Make sure we don't go looking for the validate_COLUMN sub everytime for columns without validators (thanks to Alex for pointing that out)
      Fix doc bug (relic of SB, I think)
      When using the Storable filter, we need to use blob/bytea not text
      Die on incorrect column type when using the Storable filter
      * Fix up and add POD so that POD coverage tests pass
      Better error message
      Warn on using accessor with arguments
      Fix type for Pg
      Backup r3908 for now since it breaks existing code
      Add a duration filter which uses Time::Duration and Time::Duration::Parse.  Stores durations as seconds in the database and converts them to English strings for output.
      Handle hh:mm:ss in the duration filter as input and output a more concise format
      Fix version
      More tests for the duration filter (to test different input formats and check the raw DB value)
      Handle hh:mm(:ss)? within other duration strings so that "1d 2:30" works
      Don't try to encode/decode empty values
      Better error checking
      Upgrade dep to 0.05 now that the hh:mm(:ss) parsing code is in it
      _formatter is *inheritable* class data.  If it happens to get set by the DateTime filter before getting set by one of its subclasses (the Date and Time filters), than it is stuck on the DateTime _formatter setting because the subclasses don't override it.  There are a couple solutions, the simplest being to check the value of _strptime and update/override _formatter if it is different, which is what I've done here.  (This may not be the most optimized solution.)
      Require Time::Duration::Parse 0.06 to win us decimal durations like 1.5h
      Bump the version for dependency purposes
      Use $args{'collection'}->limit instead of $self->Jifty::DBI::Collection::limit so we don't break
      Bump version so we can depend on it elsewhere
      (empty commit message)
      We accept IN or = as operators for array ref. values, so match against that (and do it case insensitively to boot)
      Cache on record table, not record class so subclasses also get cached correctly.  If the data in the underlying table changes, regardless of the class you're using, you want to load the new data.
      Allow validators to get extra arguments

Wolfgang Kinkeldei (1):
      fixed sort_order setting in Jifty::DBI::Schema

Yves Agostini (12):
      debian packaging update
      debian changes for new cpan release
      debian changes for Jifty::DBI 0.31
      debian files for 0.32
      debian changes for 0.34
      * debian changes
      0.40 debian package
      debian packaging 0.41, missing deps
      debian packaging
      add missing dependancies with Class::Trigger in debian packaging for use of alone package libjifty-dbi-perl
      debian packaging for 0.48
      minor pod improvement for debian lintian

Zev Benjamin (13):
      minor documentation corrections
      * make Collection smart about guessing table names
      * removed a lie from create() pod
      * fixed handling of case sensitivity and numeric columns so opertions
      * fixed my breakage
      * abstract out checking whether it's possible to make a clause case
      * spurious !
      * doc'd Filter::DateTime special behavior when the column type is 'date'
      * changed all instances of '/usr/bin/perl' to '/usr/bin/env perl'
      * documented limit a bit more
      * make passing a J:D:Collection as a value DTRT
      * added changes entry for version bump
      * incremented version number so that I can install latest J:DBI into AFS without losing to future version skew

sunnavy (9):
      clean warnings
      $caller->COLUMNS can not contain virtual methods
      added raw_value tests
      implement __raw_value method
      cache for raw_value
      tiny typo fix
      when fetched is set, we need to set raw_values too
      already set fetched above, no need to set it again
      make pod-coverage happy


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