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  replaces  jifty-0.91117
 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Thu Dec 9 18:06:09 2010 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 1.01209
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (90):
      Better "mandatory" warning using label not field name
      Perltidy a bit
      Fix some incorrectly escaped POD
      Updated tests for r7636 (mandatory error uses label)
      Remove missing file from MANIFEST
      $child->sort_order( number ) not $child->sort_order( sort_order => number )
      Factor out common Subject: and From: logic
      MIME-Header encode the "From" field, as well
      Perltidy to clean up indentation
      Revert 4db2709; Email::MIME takes bytes, and full_body is characters
      Use Email::MIME's ->body_str method, which does charset decoding
      Bodies should be characters, not bytes
      Use the explicit character name from "use charnames"
      Fold t/encoding-2.t into t/encoding.t
      Messages seem to loose a newline somewhere between sending and loading
      Test L10N round-trips through notifications, using _
      Bump Email::MIME dep to something that provides ->body_str
      Remove unnecessary "use" lines
      Don't just blank the login_token, remove it from the session entirely
      Die, tabs, die!
      Mark the key_type as no_placeholder
      Enable inspector only if specified cookie is found
      Do logging on a per-request basis, instead of turning it on at the start
      Add explain: option
      Use cookie value (if set) as an identifier, to appear in admin view
      Split out RequestInspector's arguments more clearly
      Abstract out RequestInspector's request store slightly more
      Rename starting_id to last_id, and refactor a ->last_id method
      Add a persistent storage option to the RequestInspector
      no_placeholder in dcc395e requires Jifty-DBI 0.60
      Need POD for the recently-added render_preamble
      Document add_request and last_id
      Make pod tests happy with requestinspector's model
      RequestInspector: Add an aggregate rendering view
      Add more triggers for inspection
      The dispatcher does its own flush; another is not necessary
      Avoid an unnecessary die/eval in the dispatcher
      Update version for Jifty-Plugin-Timing dep
      META.yml update
      The 'weaken' is unnecessessary
      Add tests to ensure that we didn't enter an infinite redirect loop
      ->uri is the full uri, including host; we want request_uri
      Restore use of request->request_uri, which is _not_ the same as request->uri
      Update test file for new request format
      Update dependencies
      I18N::LangTags::Detect goes looking for CGI environment variables
      Creat users as the superuser; this only worked because of AdminMode
      Turn off AdminMode and DevelMode on test apps whenever possible
      Only set CGI-like headers for I18N if we have a Jifty->web->request
      Add a ->header_in and ->params to compat plugin
      Clone requests more deeply, now that ->uri is a ref
      Keep trailing slashes in Jifty->web->request->path
      Continuations: Clean up return_path_matches logic
      Use Jifty->web->request->top_request->path instead of ->request_uri
      Add a test for the REQUEST_URI bug that d0c066e fixed by using ->path
      Capture STDERR, and log it if we get a non-0 return value from minify
      Use ->log->warn instead of just calling warn
      Remove the generated (and already .gitignored) META.yml
      Add a tool to standardize Jifty->serial values in output files, for easirt diff'ing
      Simplify the logic to get a user, with the superuser as the current user
      We still need to know the CurrentUser class
      Missing semicolon
      Bump Module::Install from 0.91 to 0.95
      Update MANIFEST
      Version bump, for plugins that want to depend on Plack
      Remove the last %ENV lookups
      Check continual path against canonicalized version, as URI::Escape and URI disagree on "safe" characters
      Add a way to create a new session, explicitly
      Keep the current plack env when restoring from a continuation
      Move from CGI::Cookie, which looks at ENV, to plack's way of cookie handling
      Minor whitespace fixups
      Only cache the current_user object if the session is loaded
      In tests, remember to actually stop the testserver, if we started one
      Merge good and bad tests into one structure
      Downgrade the 404 warning to info-level -- it's not an error
      PSGI's static handler 403's anything with a ../ in it
      PSGI 404's anything that doesn't start with a /
      Test fixes for 404s no longer being warnings
      Remove an extraneous "diag"
      POD formatting nitpick
      Factor out method to create new subrequest env from top request
      We may need to clean out both the current and top request envs
      We actually want to clone over the top request env, and re-create an empty subrequest env as necessary
      Use the ->method abstraction rather than going through ->{env}
      Assume a status of 200 unless otherwise specified
      The Plack rewrite broke passing path => "/whatever"
      jQuery 1.4 uses a completely different CSS engine, which requires less escaping
      Look up the action every request; otherwise, we may cache the parameters from a previous submit
      Make our Any::Moose-based Request object immutable

Ansgar Burchardt (1):
      Fix a test failure with YAML::Syck 1.12

Chia-liang Kao (100):
      Use Carp::Clan to report api abuse so they are more informative.
      use Plack.
      make sure first constructor of Jifty::Request works.
      Mouse is not happy with Jifty::Request::Action attributes without "is"
      ignore the restart test
      Must use our mechanize, no private LWP::UserAgent in tests.
      Make TestServerWarnings work when test client and server are in same process.
      Hello, current_user!
      only parse cookie if there is psgi request.
      Jifty::Request::StateVariable attributes fixup.
      add testserver::plack
      Disable gzip support as send_file calls print STDOUT.
      Don't print in REST::outs
      Make REST plugin pass tests.
      Another print to Jifty->web->response->body
      Make TestApp-Dispatcher/t/under.t pass
      encode perl strings to utf8 bytes in out_method.
      Correct uri for dispatch-https test.
      skip tests requiring actual connecting to test servers for now.
      compat plugin to provide old handler->apache methods
      Make Jifty::Request::method a mutator again, and handle path argument in constructor.
      Plack::Request requires post with content-length.  reset fragment request query as well.
      load session before set_cookie if unloaded.
      Refactor fragment_request and make send_action provide content-length as well.
      apply _plack_hook when cloning mech objects.
      provide response->add_header for compatibility.
      use new test::www::mechanize::psgi instead of plack hook hacks.
      Remove Jifty::Server::*
      at end of test, only check TestServerWarnings if the test server has TD view enabled.
      Let Jifty::Test->import do plan() for us.
      Make Jifty test work with psgi inline and forked test server.
      Provide app.psgi for newly created apps.
      handle uploads.
      Depend on future plack for server_ready hook.
      check testserver fork error.
      Bump ConfigFileVersion, and load Compat plugin for old ones.
      Make Jifty::TestServer a subclass of the now dummy Jifty::Server in Compat plugin.
      Increase Test::LongString reporting string length.
      Merge branch 'plack-1.0' into plack
      Plack::Request::Upload no longer provides fh.
      Default request parameters to empty hashref.
      Use proper constructor in Jifty::Request->promote and avoid accessing cookies from env.
      Merge branch 'master' into plack-rebased
      Bump most testapp ConfigFileVersion.
      Replace all home-brew gzip handling code with Plack::Middleware::Deflater.
      Document and test STDOUT printing deprecation.
      override _modify_request instead of request to avoid deep recursion.
      more potential fh to avoid during serialization
      Don't try to restore plack-specific io objects we don't need.
      Specify cooke path.
      Deprecated request_method.
      provide handler->cgi in compat plguin.
      provide apache->method in compat plugin.
      Plack::Request is now part of Plack.
      Remove all remaining %ENV munging.
      Simplify Jifty->web->url since we now have reliable request->uri object.
      Allow plugins to wrap psgi-app.
      Provide %ENV in the compat plugin.
      Move Deflater to a separate plugin.
      Rework the ->url logic broken in dae6c2f
      Provide headers_in, headers_out and uri methods for compat plugin apache.
      Make jifty fastcgi work using Plack::Handler::FastCGI.
      Fix Makefile typo.
      Enable Deflater plugin for older jifty apps.
      Support PSGI streamy response from dispatcher.
      Skip streamy response.
      Load compat plugin for the deprecation test.
      localize psgix.io to avoid serializing it in continuation.
      Fix request_uri canonicalization.
      Update required Plack version.
      Merge branch 'plack-rebased'
      detect configfileversion and default jifty_test_server to Standalone for older apps.
      deflated cas blob is no more.
      Remove optional deps for old jifty servers.
      Requires newer CGI::Emulate::PSGI
      Add additional fastcgi support prereq.
      Fix a regression that Content-Length was no longer sent for static content.
      Fix CAS content http If-Modified-Since behaviour, and send along last-modified header.
      Use PSGI app to serve static content by default.
      Construct psgi_app_static with apps provided by the jifty app and plugins.
      Use psgi_app_static to build compressed js, so users can provided other js files with their psgi_app_static.
      Make Jifty::CAS serve over pure PSGI. and Make Plugin::CompressedCSSandJS as middleware rather than jifty dispacher.
      add referer and user_agent to be more plack::request-compatible.
      test for REST xml request.
      Output the buffer through out_method so utf8 flag gets set properly.
      New "serialized as" keyword for columns, which makes jifty_serialize_format inflates the specificed columns of the referenced object.
      add serialized_as to model meta data from REST.
      Use streamy interface for REST action.
      Allow models to provide default columns for serialization.
      Use streamy interface for REST xml output.
      Fix compat plugin for POST.
      get headers from current response, so the REST streamy response has cookies
      restore xml freezer as it's still used by outs()
      encode for streamy output.
      if test requires actual server, default to Standalone test server.
      revert the REST plugin streamy change
      Webkit does not like expires: +1y cookies, for a good reason.
      Call set_cookie in jifty::handler, avoiding every subrequest to set cookies.
      add some content for 403 errors.

Cornelius Lin (12):
      fix file content overloading, which should call content as a method , not a class function
      fix jifty.js syntax error, it breaks ie7
      js line break between object accessor breaks IE
      js shouldnt break line in some syntax. fix for ie
      add semicolon, fix js syntax for ie
      shouldnt break line before  round brackets , fix for ie
      add a note to jifty.js
      semicolon fixs.
      some comment
      semicolons fixs.., for ie.
      FIX: only encode_utf8 body when body text is not in utf8
      for notification of sending html body , only encode_utf8 when text is not in utf8

Jesse Vincent (12):
      Make it possible to inject a menu object into Jifty::Web::Menus
      Allow disabling of the "Config" plugin's navigation munging
      move template_exists and render_template into Jifty::Web from Jifty::Dispatcher
      closer to being able to call templates from within early dispatcher stages.
      Create a failing test for our content-type bleedthrough
      make our crazy dispatcher changes only run for our content-type-bug test
      Make it possible to set sort_order for a menu child.
      Stabilize menu item sort order broken by previous patch
      Revert 1f0c4bab as it causes explosions when handed UTF8 charaters in request paths.
      Extract our JDBI-based session handler from the core session handler class
      Last commit --amend before push failed.
      Merge branch 'master' into plack-rebased

Kang-min Liu (1):
      fix an syntax error on Safari / IE. 'class' is a reserved word and should be quoted when used as hash key.

Ruslan Zakirov (1):
      make it possible to define page class in page's meta, e.g:

Shawn M Moore (78):
      Specify height and width of each image
      fullbody is spelled full_body, and fullhtml full_html
      When we update a record, set the result's "id" column for consistency with Create
      Remove some diags
      Quote the version number, michae|++
      Remove EOL whitespace in jifty.js
      We depend on Test::Exception now
      Add a HideHalos config setting so you can have DevelMode sans halos
      Don't show the component stack if HideHalos is on
      Doc typo fix
      Ignore .prove
      Make the jifty schema message mention "database"
      Add a basic file-upload test
      Fix failing dep test
      The precedence here worries me, so parenthesize :)
      Give a better error when available_values isn't an arrayref
      Typo fixes
      Since we inherit "new", don't inline_constructor
      Implement __not/<column>/<value> for /=/search
      Add jQuery's usual Autocomplete plugin
      Remove previous jifty autocomplete implementation
      Update the list of what JS files are served
      Don't render autocomplete_divs, our new autocomplete plugin does it
      First cut of new autocompletion
      Begin hooking up autocomplete to autocomplete.xml
      Patch jquery.autocomplete to let extraParams itself be a function
      Fewer undeclared/undefined variables :)
      Disable autocomplete caching for now
      Use # only in the jQuery selector, not in the Jifty.$
      Clean up the argument building a little
      Allow munging the data before passing it to jQuery.ajax
      Allow setting a different HTTP method for the AJAX request
      POST JSON to autocomplete.xml
      Doc the other changes I made
      More cleanup for autocomplete js
      First cut of parsing the results of autocomplete.xml
      Deal with jQuery being ornery about (I guess) external XML
      delay only 100ms (instead of 400ms) before hitting the server
      Got label/value backwards
      Display autocomplete value if it's different from the label
      Add a Jifty.Utils.encodeEntities helper function
      Encode HTML entities in label and value
      Bump down the font size a tad
      Merge branch 'autocomplete-refactor'
      Doc typo
      Don't add/subtract 1 day because of DST errors
      Remove trailing comma
      Factor out javascript compression from the caching
      Add (passing) test for upload back-compat
      Kill some uses of LexWrap
      Inline our one use of Hook::LexWrap
      Do not forbid virtual columns from the REST dispatcher
      Revert "Do not forbid virtual columns from the REST dispatcher"
      Avoid undef warnings when a plugin has no static_root
      Grammar fixes
      More improvements
      Various preload manual fixes
      English fixes for jQueryMigrationGuide
      Add an AboutMe action for dumping the CurrentUser
      We must load the new AboutMe action
      report_success is superfluous, pod syntax fix
      Add a jifty_serialize_format for CurrentUser objects
      Depend on Jifty::DBI 0.62
      Do not add computed columns to the database during schema migration
      Do not include computed columns in Record actions
      Better computed-column exclusion
      minor, add computed to the schema BNF
      Add Jifty.Utils.decodeEntities
      Doc typo fix
      console.log the error message jQuery.ajax provides
      Don't console.log
      Skip t/99-pod for nondevs too
      Add test file for POD spelling
      Unfix a typo that we depend on from another library

Shawn Moore (24):
      Add new class, Jifty::Web::FileUpload
      new_from_fh helper method
      META.yml version change was uncommitted
      Clear Jifty::Web::FileUpload objects from continuations
      overload FileUpload objects for back-compat
      Promote Fh to FileUpload objects ASAP
      No longer need to explicitly handle file uploads in actions
      Reinstate the list css class to limit breakage
      Regenerate META.yml
      Overload $$ since CGI::uploadInfo wants that
      For compat, "$upload" needs to produce filename
      Don't read in the FileUpload's content immediately. Only slurp it on demand to avoid breaking compat
      Strip all but the basename of upload filenames
      Pass all the other attributes to create canonicalizers
      When running canonicalizations for create, pass another arg indicating that
      When running canonicalizers for record actions, pass on for => create/update
      Typo fix
      Ugh, this is why I always have that last extraneous comma :)
      Better "other args" for canonicalizers
      Allow actions to pass extra validator args
      Pass argument_values to autocompleters too
      Make sure all validators canonicalizers and autocompleters get all appropriate args
      Document the new extra parameters these column methods get
      Document the validate/canonicalize parameters in the manual too

Thomas Sibley (79):
      Add a line about where to find region params
      Refactor submenu rendering for more flexibility
      Support rendering menus as straight up YUI menus
      Actually don't render the preamble, like the doc claims
      Support classes for plain text menu items
      Add 'open' class on submenu button
      Update Jifty::JSON to use modern JSON.pm (2.xx)
      Update json.js to the latest json2.js
      Revert a bunch of HTML escaping in <script> tags
      Warn if a keybinding won't work due to a missing ID
      Scroll to show the menu if necessary
      Ignore show/hide events from submenus
      Scroll to show submenus too
      Add a beforeshow JS hook for the YUI menu
      Support IDs for YUI menu bodies
      Update app behaviour doc
      Kill bps_utils.js and move into Jifty.Utils
      Remove bps_util.js from JS list too
      Remove JSAN usage and cleanup namespace
      Add note for the future about CSS browser selection
      formatDate hasn't been used by calendar.js in 3yrs
      Add a note about future work
      chmod a-x *.js
      Doc updates
      Update js refactor docs
      Remove JSAN usage from key bindings JS
      Remove JSAN core and now-unused libs
      Support generating CSS/JS at start rather than the first request
      Remove all traces of formatDate.js
      Update using JS doc
      Move to jQuery event handling from JSAN
      Change lightbox paths to /static/... ones
      Only deflate CAS content upon first request for it
      Jifty::CAS now has a memcached backend
      Set an expiration on memcached CAS content
      Error check the memcached set calls
      Support falling back when memcached fails
      Doc memcached config options
      Add Cache::Memcached to Makefile.PL
      Cleanup serving of CAS objects into Jifty::CAS
      Basic tests for the CAS memcached store
      Only abort with a status if it's not 200
      Fix setting scheme when calling Jifty->web->url
      Remove thickbox css; it's unused and causes issues
      Inspect callers to default to http urls for emails
      Also remove the thickbox reference from main.css
      Changing JSON encoders in Jifty broke this hack
      Add tests for URL schemes in notifications
      Don't modify the form value in-place when checking placeholder text
      DWIM when result message or error is an arrayref
      Fix lighty config and add more doc for its quirks
      Make sure the StaticRoot is an absolute path
      Update doc to reflect the code
      Make the Login and Signup links tangent
      A more accurate error message when calling cu as a class method
      Don't leave other browsers without rounded goodness
      Add an after_include_css trigger
      Allow subclasses to customize which search fields are rendered
      Cache bust before returning a 302 Found from the REST API
      Expand valid_values when describing an action's params via REST
      Update MANIFEST and the included Module::Install
      Update POD to pass coverage tests
      "title is" can't be used when mixing mason and TD
      Use Jifty::Test::Dist which handles the chdir more correctly
      Bulletproof load_test_configs a little more
      Minor doc fix ups
      Avoid XML::Simple warning on undef values by setting SuppressEmpty to undef
      Update tests with an explanation, warning avoidance, and a short pass test
      Delay Jifty::Test->import to delay the load of Jifty
      Fix commented explanation
      It seems like newer Date::Manips (6.01+) want a different ForceDate format
      Default to a test loglevel of FATAL so expected errors don't confuse users
      Use submit_form_ok() to better match real browsers and avoid warnings
      Make using Jifty::Test::WWW::Declare warnings free
      Lop off the colon from that semi-colon
      Update the copyright to 2010
      Update the README
      Update the Changelog for the next release
      Releng for Jifty 1.01209

Yo-An Lin (1):
      Add pod for logging , draft

Yves Agostini (12):
      make debian lintian happy
      fix : line move after an update
      another fix for moving line in CRUD
      a new sort header for CRUD which uses session to keep 3 states: up, down and disable
      revert use of session for CRUD, sorry
      a new idea for crud sort_header with mouseover
      element is needed to apply behaviour on facebox
      design: cancel_grey looks better
      use update fields in Crud view,
      add onclick event in reset sorting to make region happy
      Missing mandatory field fails with error 500 on debian unstable (nov 2009), test is commented out to keep time
      Nom is more general than "Surnom" and more appropriate than "Identifiant"

c9s (12):
      we should keep email content as perl string (with utf8 flag)
      add another encoding test
      encoding test from mail content directly
      config Mailer: IO
      fix encoding test
      add Foo Notification
      encoding-2 test fixs
      for TestApp , use Jifty::Test::Dist
      remove debug code
      use encoding utf8 to upgrade utf8 string
      run jslint on jifty.js. fix syntatic errors.  most are semicolon fixs.
      Update js region document and added a region helper function

sunnavy (52):
      try to find user's lang pref from db too
      typo fix
      consider the situation that a field maybe not a column in db when show column header
      remove the invalid span in Checkboxes field
      tiny tweak
      add description support for follow_link_ok
      tiny tweak for button field: set value to default_value if exists
      tweak Jifty/Test/WWW/Mechanize.pm
      fix halo values, it may be glob
      fix tests
      small fix to avoid extra spaces
      "alert(2)" makes selunium rc sad, while "alert('2')" not
      jiftyjs tests update
      more tests update
      tiny tweak to avoid warning
      typo fix
      Moosing packages in 01-test-web.t
      kill Jifty::Script::ModPerl5
      add server_ready sub so we can print banner
      use request_uri to render the url and to redirect
      % is safe character
      why datetime.css was put in /static/ instead of /static/css before?
      update code for Hash::Merge 0.12: we can specify_behavior with a name only once
      in case request_uri is not set in continuation
      fix cgi code in RequestInspector
      let's hack Hash::Merge for now
      use oo interface of Hash::Merge in Jifty::Param::Schema
      update jquery version to 1.4.1
      add ui and sortable and ui js
      OrderedList field
      add ordered-list.js
      update javascript_libs
      add ordered-list.css
      tweak ordered-list.js
      add .hidden rule for ordered-list
      tweak ordered-list.js: make sure head is really head
      Uploads form field
      jquery 1.3+ doesn't support [@attr] any more
      uploads js tests
      tiny clean
      tiny tweak
      fix jquery url in tests
      revert the wrong conflict resolvement
      tiny test fix
      tests for multiple uploads
      jifty's upload filename is plack's basename
      uploads values can be arrayref
      forgot to add upload2.txt
      Jifty->web->url fix: we need to set path_query to /, not just path
      use form_submit to respect form_next_page
      unescape path part of uri from plack, because it is escaped in plack
      require Plack 0.9940 because the req->uri escape thing


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