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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.70824
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Agent Zhang (6):
      Makefile.PL - do NOT skip any tests under t/ unintentionally ;)
      fixed Jifty::View::Declare::Helpers since we now install tag subs directly to the target package instead of using @EXPORT. We now makes use of T::D::Tags's @TagSubs struct
      made jifty trunk work with earlier versions of TD
      'svk push' sometimes gives me trouble...and i dunno why...
      trivial edits
      Makefile.PL - Jifty now depends on TD 0.26

Alex Vandiver (9):
      * Our default canonicalizer is yyyy-mm-dd, while the calendar
      * Push app_root/lib onto @INC when we create a new Jifty object
      * Cope better with malformed fragment requests
      * Don't assume there's an autocomplete action
      * Add Class::Trigger
      * Mapper edge case failure (when no 'name' was given)
      * Recent YAML::Syck's get confused by trying to be too smart with
      * Move pulling action defaults from action in request into the
      * The true return value of the module needs to not be part of the POD

Alexander Klink (1):
      Added section on dynamically created binary content in the cookbook

Andreas Koenig (2):
      Add myself to AUTHORS
      documentation fix that seems to have been forgotten when length was renamed max_length

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp (83):
      Added the before_access trigger and a simple test for it. Also updated TestApp and the current_user test to make them compatible with the new before_access test.
      (empty commit message)
      Cleaning up and improving some of the view documentation.
      Added a many-to-many relationship recipe to the cookbook.
      Fleshing out and cleaning up the documentation for Jifty::Plugin::User.
      Fleshing out and cleaning up the documentation for Jifty::Plugin::Authentication::Password.
      Altered the ClassLoader to create Collections for models deeper under the model namespace,like "App::Model::Foo::Bar". These is consistent with the handling for actions and other components already in place.
      Fixed the formatting of the comment blocks in the POD.
      Added an additional see also to Jifty::Manual::AccessControl to the User and Authentication::Password plugins.
      Adding documentation to Jifty::Plugin::Debug to fix POD coverage failures.
      Changing the Jifty console requirement back to default => 0.
      Added NAME sections and short descriptions for the CPAN module summary.
      Added a recipe for using "result_of" to fetch information about actions for use in appends.
      Added support for application-specific plugins (i.e., App::Plugin::XXX) and plugins named using the fully-qualified Jifty::Plugin::XXX name.
      Plugins may now have regular models. These are deployed after the schema is setup after adding the plugin to installation. Plugins can bootstrap and upgrade their schema with their own version numbers just like applications (though with slightly different details).
      Cleaned up the class loader a bit to make all the auto-generated methods use the same name, remove an unnecessary elsif, and add a few more comments.
      Fixing API qualification to make it possible to access actions associated with plugins via ->new_class.
      (empty commit message)
      Adding a plugin for rendering charts of data.
      Removing a directory that should not have committed previously.
      (empty commit message)
      Reverting mistaken revision r3723
      Reverting mistaken revision r3723, take 2
      Added documentation to the experimental Chart plugin.
      Added the Chart::Base recommendation for the Chart plugin.
      Adding a test suite for Jifty::Plugin::Chart, but it is having weird troubles loading Chart::* because that seems to disconnect the server output or something.
      Adding Image::Info dependency used during testing of Jifty::Plugin::Chart
      Regarding Jifty::Plugin::Chart: Added better comments. Fixed some error handling. Switched to using scalar_png(). Switched to using ->require rather than an eval to load Chart classes. Eliminated the need for IO::String. Moved some processing out of View and into Dispatcher.
      (empty commit message)
      Added a hack to chart.t (forcing an early load of GD) to avoid the segfault that was causing it to fail. Removed the TODO block from the test.
      Fixed the way arguments are passed to the render() method in Jifty::Plugin::Chart::Web.
      Moved the chart/* dispatch to chart/chart/* to make room for alternate charting mechanisms.
      Added a renderer for GD::Graph
      Updated the module recommendations for the Chart plugin.
      Updated POD and removed an unnecessary extra subroutine call.
      Fixed POD coverage issue.
      Fixed an eensy POD bug.
      Made the chart plugin test smarter and added one for the GD::Graph renderer.
      Add explicit hide/show for the error, warning, and canonicalization note divs. This solves some long time ugliness on IE. However, it is not perfect as I am still getting some rendering issues on IE. Does not seem to break anything on FF.
      Making the IMG-based chart renderers capable of handling CSS styling with some added behaviour.
      Added a renderer parameter to the chart() method and add per-renderer initialization.
      Fix failing dependency test because Chart uses GD to fix testing.
      Updated the behaviour script used by IMG chart renderers to make it more URI aware.
      Standardizing the chart types across the three current renderers.
      Added better error handling on renderer require.
      Fixed typos in the new type handling code and fixed error handling.
      Fixing my previous brain damage and additional typos.
      Improved the way the DIV tag is generated for PlotKit.
      Removed some redundant code from the PlotKit renderer and added support for options to the GD::Graph and Chart renderers.
      Adding the SimpleBars renderer as a decent, dead-simple HTML-based renderer for HorizontalBars and a prototype for using tables for client-side chart configuration.
      Make sure we do not attempt to render 0 pixel values no matter what.
      Removing extra comma from JavaScript list.
      Chart plugin configuration updates:
      Fixing the chart plugin tests to match up with changes that have happened to the API since they were written.
      Fix to a JavaScript bug performing the rerendering of IMG graphs.
      Improving some of the Pod, code comments, and minor perl tidying.
      (empty commit message)
      Fixing error that occurred during previous push.
      Fixing POD issues in CRUD, adding some code comments, and minor perl tidying.
      Additional fix to POD coverage for the CRUDView attribute.
      Added more POD to fix coverage issues and added a description to the client_cacheable and client_cache_content methods of PageRegion.
      Improved code comments and minor perl tidy.
      Improving some of the Pod, code comments, and minor perl tidying.
      (empty commit message)
      Fixing error that occurred during previous push.
      Fixing POD issues in CRUD, adding some code comments, and minor perl tidying.
      Additional fix to POD coverage for the CRUDView attribute.
      Added more POD to fix coverage issues and added a description to the client_cacheable and client_cache_content methods of PageRegion.
      Improved code comments and minor perl tidy.
      Cleaning up the Pod for Jifty::Bootstrap
      Major Pod improvement to the class loader, many more helpful code comments, and some tidying for the class loader. Phew.
      Updating Pod and adding code comments to Jifty::Client.
      Cleaning up the Pod and adding a few code comments to Jifty::Collection.
      Updating Pod and source comments for Jifty::Config. Performed some Perl tidying and added a new section describing why Jifty uses three levels of configuration files (may need additional editting).
      Fixing POD test failure.
      Adding tangent and return to the glossary.
      Fixes to use_mason_wrapper():
      Added a new helper, new_record_action(), that wraps new_action() with additional help creating Create, Update, Delete, and Search actions for models.
      Adding a plugin for using the jQuery Javascript library with Jifty.
      Adding documentation for Action and Static attributes to resolve POD coverage test failures.
      Cleaning up documentation to fix pod coverage test failures.
      Fixing pod coverage problems with the jQuery plugin.
      Undoing previous accidental patch to Jifty::Continuation because I have not finished proofing it.

Artur Bergmen (3):
      remove trailing whitespace
      trailing whitespace....
      work around annoying Module::Pluggable bug

Audrey Tang (5):
      * Web::Form::Link - When escape_label was set, the tooltip property was
      * No matter what _resurect_current_user is intended for, it ought
      * Jifty::View::Declare::CRUD - I18N.
      * Jifty::View::Declare - Work around Perl 5.9.5 bug by avoid punning
      * Jifty::Plugin::SkeletonApp::Dispatcher -

Bart Bunting (6):
      typo fix
      typo fix
      typo fix
      added see also section to Jifty::Upgrade
      typo fixes

Chia-liang Kao (165):
      fast test support: truncate tables rather than recreating database
      REST plugin: render referencing fields in a saner fashion.
      Fix search collection for CRUD.
      TabView plugin.
      In ClassLoader, be quiet when we are just trying to see if a module exists.
      CurrentUser->username now uses brief_description on user_object.
      * User model mixin for OpenID plugin.
      openid related methods.
      Correct app_class usage.
      The (unused) resend_confirmation template was missing.
      Fix typo.
      Fix has_alternative_auth.
      * Make CompressCSSandJS optional.
      failing tests for region and show inconsistency.
      the actual templates for the 16- test.t/TestApp
      Pass defaults to render_region in test.
      really correct the test.
      new Jifty->find_plugin method.
      First draft of SinglePage plugin.
      propogate url arguments to onclick.
      Make SinglePage plugin configurable.
      Quick hack to fix explicit region in onclick arguments.
      Except sometimes we might have a munged region names already.
      It's not __page anymore.
      Really fix the region rewriting logic.
      * Abstract render_footer.
      $done_header being assigned, so no need to ++.
      refactor the TD wrapper into a class.
      Fix title handling.
      Fix render_body under SPA.
      Optionally use app's View::Page class for wrapper.
      Move methods unrelated to mason to Jifty::View.
      Make Jifty->web->out work during the dispatch rule stage.
      Make redirect inside region work.
      Forgot to add Jifty::View.
      Disable in-region redirect unless SPA is enabled.
      Kill 5% of startup time by not validating during DateTime::Locale.
      document why the validate hack exists.
      Only call LML->import once ever.
      SinglePage submit hack.
      Special case for empty action meaning all actions in current form.
      revert r3360 & r3361
      Implement "submit => undef" in onclick hook where it should submit all actions.
      Fix update() called from non-form.
      correct en.po charset.
      In SPA mode, allow Action::Redirect to happen within webservice and have
      branch for supporting fragment calls with continuation.
      first cut of continuation serialization & calling with webservices.
      Have call continuation work on webservices, but not return properly yet.
      keeping __page's state won't get us anywhere...
      ditto for other implicit __page fragment to ignore region state.
      fallback value being array makes the crud action on server side sad.
      Support redirect to external url in webservices.
      Prevent infinite loop when unable to render mason_internal_error.
      Handle J:C internal redirect, which is used by error raised by dispatcher.
      * If we are doing external redirect, supress fragment replacement.
      On internal redirect, reset nav and page_nav.
      There's no point removing url in clickable and put in _orig_url anymore,
      misc cleanups.
      Merge from fragcont branch to include minimum support of continuation in
      More comment about the JAFF handling special case from update().
      misc webservices_redirect cleanup.
      only do spa magic if onclick hook is hash - so onclick='someJavascript();' would work
      Allow spa to be disabled by page class.
      Fix onclick initialization in spa.
      For post fragment update script evaluation, use YUI OnAvailable
      when rendering the keybindings div, reset Jifty.KeyBindings.
      Make multiple use base lines into one for readability.
      Move the javascript concatenating logic from Jifty::Web to the plugin.
      CompressedCSSandJS: support optional javascript minifier.
      minor cleanups for ccjs.
      Unbreak nojs form submitting when SPA is enabled.
      add IPC::Run3 to dependency.
      Fix javascript emission when CompressedCSSandJS plugin is not loaded noticed
      Example::Todo is too hard to type.  Yada!
      Plugin view class should respect app page.
      Helper method for mounting crud view.
      client side template caching branch.
      Proof of concept.
      Do not call update() when ctrl-clicked
      Always give the dispatcher unescaped path like fastcgi does,
      Fix the template subclassing tests.
      YourApp::View->use_mason_wrapper now lets your write page {} in TD but uses
      Make use_mason_wrapper actually work.
      Fix jifty->web->out from without td used with mason wrapper.
      New Template::Declare page syntax for additional code block run
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:3501
      Rework the client caching to use a closure translated from td, rather than trimpath.
      handle enteriter.
      more enteriter cases.
      workaround json dumper not liking scalar defer.
      Catch up with _get_record change in CRUD.
      check point for client side action rendering.
      more param rendering
      mostly working..
      signup action now renders, without client action state.
      Make grep work.
      Fix up onclick escaping.
      Actually register actions so it works!
      debug plugin for logging dispatched rules and current user.
      info rather than debug.
      port Declare::Compile to use cleaned-up B::Deparse
      Info about our B::Deparse.
      Making sure we are using the same action object so it can hold states.
      kill boring array enumeration for "find"
      Don't break for TD that doesn't exist.
      remove duplicate node walking code.
      export ajax_validates for REST action param.
      retain current_value for action.
      alright the fabricated render_widget content actually works now.
      intermediate commit to converge with B::Deparse cleanup.
      Merge down for trimclient.
      flush outbuf before tags.
      faq fragment can now be purely clientside.
      split js td into different js file.
      add simple client side td tests.
      trimclient is only enabled when ClientTemplate is specificed in config.
      Make trimclient disabled rather than fatal when new B::Deparse isn't there.
      Actually parse named arguments.
      merge down for trimclient.
      trimpath is not used.
      Fix typo.
      merge down for trimclient.
      support external javascripts.
      First cut of GoogleMap plugin.  You can now declare a column
      Oops, debug info not killed before last commit.
      Fix typo.
      Bump Jifty::DBI required version.
      address search.  only works for accurate result for now.
      Minor fine tune.
      move most js from googlemap::widget into google_map.js
      Support readonly for googlemap widget.
      Address search!
      in REST record_to_data, skip container columns.
      type can be empty for container columns.
      Minor cleanup.
      Revert the logic change.  We still want to include container fields in list.
      Asset model mixin for adding created_by for default permission.
      googlemap widget  alignment fix.
      add_external_javascript for googlemap
      add_external_javascript takes array
      tabview plugin: allow render_tab in top level without current_region.
      * Make geocoder search usable even not in edit mode.
      Don't bother showing edit link if current user can't
      i18n for feedback plugin.
      Double precision
      Fix IE issues with search div.
      * Make enter key submit in the address search popup.
      merge down from trimclient branch.
      Push milestone 1 of trimclient to trunk.
      Fix a fragment update regression caused by the trimclient merge.
      Correct a crud component path.
      In action argument creation from model, do not assume refers_to
      Follow up to r3839, do not change the logic if refers_to is not jifty::record
      require Class::Trigger 0.12 for abortable triggers used by css/js compression plugin.
      GD is not mandatory requirement.  Skip chart test if not found.
      var/mason shouldn't be here
      ditto for chart.t
      properly skip client side td test if new B is not found.
      Jifty.Subs needs outs_raw.
      respect initial PATH in env under fastcgi.
      bad mason dir.
      don't use pager to determine items as list_items might be called
      update tabview plugin to use new relative path syntax for td show().

Christian Ternus (6):
      Jifty branch for HTML multipart email
      First crack at changing notifications to Email::MIME::CreateHTML
      intermediate commit for HTML notification
      Added perldoc for html mail.
      HTML branch merge
      Fixed the behavior of send_one_message to use $self->parts again.

Dobrica Pavlinusic (7):
      fix pod typo
      CodePress plugin for web-based source code editor with syntax highlighting
      add language accessor to select syntax highlight language (instead of default generic),
      simplify example to just view modification
      bump version to 0.02, remove requirement to modify submit form button (and
      include verison string in module code
      check if current_user->can('user_object') when tring to figure out timezone

Edward Funnekotter (4):
      Added myself to AUTHORS
      Added support for more javascript triggers for most form elements:  onclick onchange ondblclick onmousedown onmouseup onmouseover onmousemove onmouseout onfocus onblur onkeypress onkeydown onkeyup onselect
      Removed some duplicated code
      Fixed a problem where some disabled elements weren't re-enabled after a submission when the disabled elements were outside of the fragment being refreshed.

Jesse Vincent (88):
      * remove debugging output
      * More refactoring toward making view handlers plugins
      * quiet some warnings
      * don't index plugins' test directories
      * More refactoring in support of adding new view handlers.
      * initial environment that makes fastcgi work got deleted
      * utf8::downgrade() content about to be sent out from a Template::Declare template. THIS WANTS A COMMENT FROM AUDREYT OR MIYAGAWA
      * Miyagawa++ points out that 'use utf8' is wrong.
      * Very early version of Jifty::View::Declare::CRUD lifted from BabelBee
      * the new crud stuff displays a list and is editable. edits don't save.
      * CRUD builder search works
      * Make compile errors in autorequired modules fatal
      * Stop a certain class of validator error that causes an infinite loop in IE
      * quiet some tests
      * REST dispatcher: always use warnings and strict.
      * '*'  matches only a single level in the dispatcher. '**' matches all level.s We want to run the "Home" rule at all dispatcher levels.
      * nonworking draft of a new 'site news' plugin that uses the new crud view.
      * site news plugin very close to working. Big known problem is that 'T::D package variables don't propagate quite right.
      * Always use an application's 'wrapper' in preference to the Jifty default
      * CRUD view and a working example (sitenews)
      * Moved the commands for add/drop column to Jifty::Record (they should move to JDBI eventually)
      * Better diagnostic messages in the dependency checking script. Thanks to Andreas Koenig
      * Cause more compiliation failures to actually stop the app from running
      * Make the News view basically work
      * cleanups to make new-item work well
      * starting out the tests for the news plugin
      * Cause more compiliation failures to actually stop the app from running
      * Make the News view basically work
      * cleanups to make new-item work well
      * Better factored CRUD library, ready for local overriding
      * Incremental extraction of schema management from Jifty::Script::Schema
      * Extract the model list from Script::Schema to Schema
      * Removed the search widget from the News search
      * removed files that should never been in the repo
      * META.yml updates
      * Revert a mistaken update
      When we convert a model into an action, don't deref and then reref the array of possible valid values. We lose any attempt at possible magic that we might have.
      * add a config file version, so we can change old defaults.
      Template::DEeclare now gets a hashref of all the arguments set() in the dispatcher.
      * The SPA templates no longer include css and js twice
      * Added support for "redirects" on fragment calls (which really just do an internal replace)
      * More bulletproofing for redirects related to single page apps
      * Removing a spurious 'warn'
      * Added a 'feedback' plugin
      * docs!
      * Back out a Croak back to a die. (We're using it for exception handling, not to-user reporting)
      * Refactor handle_request to extract out methods
      * We'd gotten the $actions logic  slightly wrong during refactoring. The new code lets you submit everything/nothing/something, rather than just something or nothing ;)
      * switch url from an attribute to a child node for ajax redirects. (The old behaviour didn't work in safari)
      * The cookbook was wrong about the auth recipe
      * Quiet a dispatcher warning
      meta.yml updates
      * Don't trip over classes we can't require
      * Got the tabview plugin working with non-CRUD code.
      * Refactor the CRUD view to make it easier to customize the output
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      * try not to interfere when a user clicks on a link with a modifier key pressed
      * _redirect expects a local path, not a fully formed URL. (This only actually broke internal redirects)
      * Jifty->web->form->next_page got dropped when you submit only a specific action with Jifty->web->form->submit. This commit autoadds next_page if you submit only a subset of actions.
      * Full doc for the existing CRUD templates
      * CRUD plugin cleanup and refactoring
      * Extracting talks from the jifty dist
      * Template::Declare behaviour change for "show 'foo'" to now show foo at the current template depth.
      * Relative to absolute pathing fix
      * minor refactoring
      * Doc updates
      rename checkpoint
      Asset renamed to ActorMetadata
      * Incredibly naive "image column" userpic plugin.
      * Updated tabview plugin to work when it's not already inside a region
      * Fixed CRUD view to no longer require you to specify a base_path for the plugin's view. It was redundant and we could intuit it.
      (empty commit message)
      * The warnings come from the server code after the fork. Test::Log4Perl isn't going to catch them.
      * added some pod to help make pod tests pass
      * Moniker bulletproofing. Suggested by Mikko Lapasti
      * Resolve import conflicts now that T::D and J::V::D::Helpers have a thingy with the same name
      * First cut of a UUID column plugin, with a basic test in the user model
      (empty commit message)
      * clean up load_by_kv
      * POD fixes
      * The image column isn't at all baked. it was a bad fork of userpic
      * Minor pod additions. removing unneeded wrappers
      * WWW::Mechanize versions before 1.30 had broken gzip behaviour which broke tests
      * Remove cargo-culting changing of $0 from Jifty::SubTest. It doesn't affect test output but does break things
      * New changelog generation tool

Kang-min Liu (13):
      This module is for rendering a collection of input fields at once
      This is the OpenID plugin code.
      List OpenID dependencies.
      Make render_action() simply render the form fields of AuthenticateOpenID
      Should directly call current_user->username() as in CurrentUser.pm's
      A Jifty console to provide quick diagnostic shell for debugging or
      Should just call username there. instead of user_object->name.  As
      A move to hand on the rendering of JDBI::Collection columns to app
      The minimum required OpenID View for your app to mixin.
      Not possible to be intended to put "Doxory::Model::User" there.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:3529
      Add a "next" parameter so one can specify the next page to go after
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:3581

Kevin Falcone (8):
      * add docs to pass the pod-coverage tests
      * If we're going to chdir, we should also move $0
      * make the chdir conform to the rest of the test suite and use Jifty::SubTest
      * fix name of dependancy
      * typo in recommends
      * add data to the result indicating which requested actions
      (empty commit message)
      * add missing Test::Log4perl dep and update the Jifty::DBI requirement

Matthew Wilson (1):
      exceedingly minor POD fixes.

Nelson Elhage (1):
      word-wrapping some POD

Ruslan Zakirov (24):
      * utf8::downgrade doesn't like strings as FAIL_OK, only integers, 1 is not that
      * linked POD++
      * my dict has no word signup, but has 'sign up'
      * delete trailing space to avoid translating the same string twice
      * two very similar strings in one place, use the same, easier for translation
      * ru.po
      * drop undef warning
      * we need bytes in escape_uri then 'use bytes'
      * add tests for UTF-8 related things
      * add docs to escape_uri
      * small update to ru.po
      * utf8::downgrade converts to octets only if string had been upgraded, what is not
      * revert the latest change unless we fix all utf8 stack
      * delete not used var
      * we shouldn't silence utf8 warnings
      * indent, minor
      to sanity through insanity
      * FCGI.pm ties our streams and its implementation doesn't have support
      * return id of the user from action
      * add 'Login on demand' section to Cookbook
      * we have name of a class already so use it
      * protect ourself from circular references between User and CurrentUser
      * add {_resurect_current_user} field into user module

Shawn Moore (8):
      Make sure there's always a stash during testing since we don't always go through the web
      Pushed the wrong change, oops :)
      Add a little pod coverage
      Add a load_by_kv to Jifty::Web::Session
      add myself to AUTHORS :)
      Add failing tests for load_by_kv with chr(0)
      todo-ify failing tests in t/13-sessions.t
      Add friendly_date method to Jifty::DateTime which special-cases yesterday/today/tomorrow

Thomas Sibley (50):
      Let the code calling the wrapper specify a page class to use to support multiple page types
      add_javascript method to simplify adding JS libs and updated doc
      Clarifying comments about the plugins lists
      Update dep to include version of Module::Pluggable that is patched so that compile errors are caught
      Only squelch "can't locate" errors relating to the class we're trying to require.  If it's something else, it's likely a module use'd by the module we're requiring.
      Back that back out for now -- breaks Doxory
      (empty commit message)
      Extraneous warning
      Be more in line with original code and apply Behaviour immediately, not in the callback
      (empty commit message)
      Extraneous warning
      Be more in line with original code and apply Behaviour immediately, not in the callback
      Also export display_columns so it's not required to override it
      HTTPS and HTTP adjectives for dispatcher rules
      Allow scheme to be specified for Jifty->web->url.  This functionality was taken out during the move from "heuristics" to URI.pm, but for a non-apparent reason.
      Now with more POD!  (and passing POD tests)
      Fix typos
      Allow app changeable cookie names
      * Use Jifty::Util->share_root for finding plugin share roots so that if Jifty isn't installed it still DTRT
      Convert to using the form of declaring titles that works when using the mason wrapper with TD
      Restore and update the OOM patch to the YUI calendar
      Basic Facebook auth plugin
      More pod, forceable login
      Provide a way to link existing users with a Facebook account
      - Fix our test mech to not choke on non-default cookie names
      (empty commit message)
      - Plugin CSS and JS (which should be put in share/plugin/Jifty/Plugin/Foo/web/static/{css,js}) is now compressed by CCJS
      Move GoogleMap plugin CSS and JS to proper spot now
      Supposed to be deleted
      - Minor refactoring for easy wording change
      Add some classes
      Extract out per_page
      merge down again
      Need parens
      Don't mess with the HTML by default.  This should likely become configurable in the future.
      Make sure we get UTF-8
      Now make sure it's actually UTF-8
      Basic PlotKit renderer for Chart plugin
      - Uncomment neccessary require
      *Very* custom packed PlotKit (from svn) that no longer depends on MochiKit exporting functions into the global namespace
      Don't mess with the data structure if it's already what plotkit expects
      Render onAvailable instead of on window load so that we work in regions
      Use PlotKit.Base.map explicitly
      Without the conditional we'll hide errors as soon as we display them
      Fix view CRUD template's method of getting the record
      Bunch of updates to the chart plugin
      - Treat the width and height appropriately
      Don't specify an align attribute
      Whoops.  Forgot to check in the actual XML SWF library.  This is version 4.6.
      Give the browser (particularly Safari) some more "settle time"

Yves Agostini (11):
      add the ability to have some code before a javascript click :
      plugin to use Wyzz online wyziwig editor to render textaera for test and comments
      plugin to add a wiki toolbar to textarea
      a failing test about utf8 when using T::D
      add a render_as_classical_menu to have the same menu with T::D view than older mason _elements/nav.
      clean url for submenu
      * quiet warning
      * debian fix dep
      * debian deps
      * debian dependancies
      debian packaging

sunnavy (5):
      here sunnavy comes, ;-)
      update zh_cn.po
      fix some pod bugs in Jifty/API.pm
      more translations in zh_cn.po
      changed View.pm in HelloKitty in accordance with current Jifty libs


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