[Jifty-commit] r7495 - Template-Declare/trunk/lib/Template

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Tue Sep 22 13:43:48 EDT 2009

Author: alexmv
Date: Tue Sep 22 13:43:45 2009
New Revision: 7495


Re-document and deprecate new_buffer_frame and end_buffer_frame

Modified: Template-Declare/trunk/lib/Template/Declare.pm
--- Template-Declare/trunk/lib/Template/Declare.pm	(original)
+++ Template-Declare/trunk/lib/Template/Declare.pm	Tue Sep 22 13:43:45 2009
@@ -391,7 +391,9 @@
-Creates a new buffer frame.
+Creates a new buffer frame, using L<String::BufferStack/push> with
+C<private>.  This use is deprecated in favor of dealing with
@@ -403,8 +405,9 @@
   my $buf = $td->end_buffer_frame();
-Deletes and returns the buffer most recently added by a call to
+Deletes and returns the topmost buffer, using
+L<String::BufferStack/pop>.  This use is deprecated in favor of
+dealing with L</buffer>.directly..

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