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Author: c9s
Date: Sat May  9 09:55:40 2009
New Revision: 6964


 Tutorial_zhtw: translate user interface section

Modified: jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/Tutorial_zhtw.pod
--- jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/Tutorial_zhtw.pod	(original)
+++ jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/Tutorial_zhtw.pod	Sat May  9 09:55:40 2009
@@ -258,11 +258,12 @@
 對有些平台而言,你可能需要輸入 "./bin/jifty server" 。
-=head2 Building a user interface
+=head2 建置你的使用者介面
-The administrative web does give you everything you need to work with your
-application's data. You can create, update, and delete posts. However, it's not
-much of a weblog.
+所建置的資料 (posts) 。
+是的,你可以建立、更新、刪除文章。然而,它還不算是一個 welog。
 =head3 Posting

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