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Author: sartak
Date: Tue Mar 17 11:39:55 2009
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 r81277 at onn:  sartak | 2009-03-17 11:39:48 -0400
 Update README

Modified: jifty/trunk/README
--- jifty/trunk/README	(original)
+++ jifty/trunk/README	Tue Mar 17 11:39:55 2009
@@ -1,5 +1,35 @@
-    Jifty -- Just Do It
+    Jifty - an application framework
+     # Object containing lots of web related goodies...
+     my $web      = Jifty->web;
+     my $request  = Jifty->web->request;
+     my $response = Jifty->web->response;
+     my $link     = Jifty->web->link( label => _('W00t'), url => '/whatsit' );
+     # Retrieve information from your application's etc/config.yml file.
+     my $config   = Jifty->config;
+     # Retrieve the Jifty::DBI handle
+     my $handle   = Jifty->handle;
+     # Load an application class, very handy in plugins
+     my $class    = Jifty->app_class('Model', 'Foo');
+     my $foo      = $class->new;
+     $foo->create( frobnicate => 42 );
+     # Configure information related to your application's actions
+     my $api      = Jifty->api;
+     # Make parts of your page "subscribe" to information in a fragment
+     my $subs     = Jifty->subs;
+     # Share information via IPC::PubSub in your application
+     my $bus      = Jifty->bus;
+     # Retrieve general information about Mason
+     my $handler  = Jifty->handler;
     Yet another web framework.
@@ -38,8 +68,11 @@
     This class method instantiates a new "Jifty" object. This object deals
     with configuration files, logging and database handles for the system.
+    Before this method returns, it calls the application's "start" method
+    (i.e. "MyApp->start") to handle any application-specific startup.
     Most of the time, the server will call this for you to set up your
-    "Jifty" object. If you are writing command-line programs htat want to
+    "Jifty" object. If you are writing command-line programs that want to
     use your libraries (as opposed to web services) you will need to call
     this yourself.
@@ -53,6 +86,19 @@
         database or do something extreme like that; most of Jifty expects
         the handle to exist. Defaults to false.
+    no_views
+        If this is set to true, does not initialize any of the view handling
+        components of Jifty. This is useful if you are running a
+        command-line script, and not want the overhead associated with it.
+        This also prevents the mason cache files from being created, which
+        may be the right thing if your script is running as a privileged
+        user. Defaults to false.
+    logger_component
+        The name that Jifty::Logger will log under. If you don't specify
+        anything Jifty::Logger will log under the empty string. See
+        Jifty::Logger for more infomation.
     An accessor for the Jifty::Config object that stores the configuration
     for the Jifty application.
@@ -60,20 +106,83 @@
     An accessor for our Jifty::Logger object for the application.
+    You probably aren't interested in this. See "log" for information on how
+    to make log messages.
+  handler
+    An accessor for our Jifty::Handler object.
+    This is another method that you usually don't want to mess with too
+    much. Most of the interesting web bits are handled by "web".
     An accessor for the Jifty::Handle object that stores the database handle
     for the application.
+  api
+    An accessor for the Jifty::API object that publishes and controls
+    information about the application's Jifty::Actions.
+  app_class(@names)
+    Return Class in application space. For example "app_class('Model',
+    'Foo')" returns YourApp::Model::Foo.
+    By the time you get it back, the class will have already been required
+    Is you pass a hashref as the first argument, it will be treated as
+    configuration parameters. The only existing parameter is "require",
+    which defaults to true.
     An accessor for the Jifty::Web object that the web interface uses.
-    Jifty is Copyright 2005 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is
-    distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.
+  subs
+    An accessor for the Jifty::Subs object that the subscription uses.
+  bus
+    Returns an IPC::PubSub object for the current application.
+  plugins
+    Returns a list of Jifty::Plugin objects for this Jifty application.
+  find_plugin
+    Find plugins by name.
+  class_loader
+    An accessor for the Jifty::ClassLoader object that stores the loaded
+    classes for the application.
+  setup_database_connection
+    Set up our database connection. Optionally takes a param hash with a
+    single argument. This method is automatically called by "new".
+    no_handle
+        Defaults to false. If true, Jifty won't try to set up a database
+        handle
+    pre_init
+        Defaults to false. If true, plugins are notificed that this is a
+        pre-init, any trigger registration in "init()" should not happen
+        during this stage. Note that model mixins's register_triggers is
+        unrelated to this.
+    If "no_handle" is set or our application's config file is missing a
+    "Database" configuration section or *has* a "SkipDatabase: 1" directive
+    in its framework configuration, does nothing.
+  app_instance_id
+    Returns a globally unique id for this instance of this jifty
+    application. This value is generated the first time it's accessed
-    <http://jifty.org>
+    <http://jifty.org>, Jifty::Manual::Tutorial, Jifty::Everything,
+    Jifty::Config, Jifty::Handle, Jifty::Logger, Jifty::Handler, Jifty::Web,
+    Jifty::API, Jifty::Subs, IPC::PubSub, Jifty::Plugin, Jifty::ClassLoader
     Jesse Vincent, Alex Vandiver and David Glasser.
+    Jifty is Copyright 2005-2008 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is
+    distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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