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Date: Fri Feb 13 11:00:43 2009
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  - more translation for zhtw tutorial

Modified: jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/Tutorial_zhtw.pod
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+++ jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/Tutorial_zhtw.pod	Fri Feb 13 11:00:43 2009
@@ -1,11 +1,10 @@
 =head1 NAME
-Jifty::Manual::Tutorial - Zero to Jifty in a Jiffy
+Jifty::Manual::Tutorial - Jifty 從零開始
-This tutorial should give you everything you need to 
-build your first application with Jifty.
+這份教學文件將提供建構第一個 jifty 應用程式所需要的技巧。
@@ -13,30 +12,27 @@
 =head2 The requirements
-Here's what you need to have installed -- at least when we write it.
 =head2 Installing Jifty
-No bones about it. We believe pretty strongly in the DRY (Don't Repeat
-Yourself) principle. That's one of the big reasons we love Perl and
-CPAN. Jifty makes use of lots of amazing code from CPAN.  At last count,
-it directly depended on 60 packages from CPAN.  Most of these libraries
-are cross-platform pure-Perl packages and should run great out of the
-box on any platform you can get Perl onto.
-We've gone to lengths to make sure you don't spend your day
-downloading library after library by bundling everything we can inside
-the Jifty package.  The Jifty installer is capable of determining what
-modules your system needs, and downloading and installing them all in
-one go.  Don't worry, it will ask you first before it makes any changes.
+我們相當相信 DRY ( Don't Repeat Yourself ) 的原則,這是我們喜愛 Perl 與 CPAN 的一個很重要的原因。
-On most systems you can use Perl's bundled CPAN module to download
-and install Jifty:
+Jifty 使用了 CPAN 上許多令人驚奇的程式碼。他直接使用 60 多個來自 CPAN 的模組 。
+大部分的套件都是跨平台且只以 Perl 寫成的模組,且能在你可取得 Perl 的任何平台上良好運作。
+Jifty 的安裝程式能夠自動偵測您機器上尚未安裝的模組,並且直接下載並安裝他們。
+別擔心,Jifty 在更動之前提醒你。
+在大多數的系統上,你可以使用 Perl 所提供的 CPAN 模組來下載並且安裝 Jifty:
   # perl -MCPAN -e"install Jifty"
-If you've downloaded a C<.tar.gz> of Jifty, you can do a
-manual install:
+如果你下載了 Jifty 的 C<.tar.gz> 檔,您可以使用手動安裝:
   # tar xzvf jifty-<version>.tgz
   # cd jifty-<version>
@@ -45,25 +41,18 @@
   # make test
   # make install
-If the tests don't pass, we want to hear about it. Please join us
-on C<jifty-devel at lists.jifty.org> and report the failure. (See 
-L</GETTING HELP> below for info on how to join the list.)
+請加入我們的 C<jifty-devel at lists.jifty.org> 並回報相關的錯誤訊息。
+關於如何加入我們,請參見下方的 L<GETTING HELP> 
 =head2 Setting up the Scaffolding
-Once you have Jifty happily installed, you're ready to 
-create your first application. 
+一旦你完成了 Jifty 的安裝,便能開始構築你第一份 Jifty 應用程式。
-Jifty is intentionally a bit minimalist. All you I<really> need to make
-an application go is a copy of the F<jifty> commandline tool (inside
-your new application's F<bin/> directory.)
-Of course, it's often helpful to have a bit more structure around to
-help guide your work. Jifty comes with tools to build that structure for
+Jifty 將所有的事情設計的相當簡單使用,你只需要使用 Jifty 提供的 F<jifty> 命令列工具來啟動您的應用程式
+ ( 在您建構的應用程式裡的 F<bin/> 資料夾內 )
-Change directory to some place it will be safe to create a new
-Jifty application. (Jifty will create a subdirectory for you).
+請切換到一個乾淨的目露底下來建立你的 Jifty 應用程式。 ( Jifty 會為您建立子資料夾 ).
   # jifty app --name MyWeblog
   Creating new application MyWeblog
@@ -85,16 +74,18 @@
   Creating directory t
   Creating configuration file MyWeblog/etc/config.yml
-Let's take those one by one.
 =item bin
-Inside F<bin/> is F<jifty>, the Jifty command dispatcher. Some
-of the most important commands are C<schema>, which sets up or updates
-your database schema and C<server>, which starts a standalone
-webserver. To find out what commands your F<jifty> comes with, run:
+在 F<bin/> 資料夾內的便是 F<jifty>, 是 Jifty 用來處理 Jifty 指令的程式 . 
+一些較重要的指令是 C<schema> , 這個指令用來設置或更新您的資料庫。
+又如指令 C<server> , 這個指令將啟動獨立的網頁伺服器。 .
+想知道其他 Jifty 提供的指令,可執行:
     jifty help

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