[Jifty-commit] r6757 - jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Test

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Thu Apr 9 18:39:46 EDT 2009

Author: alexmv
Date: Thu Apr  9 18:39:42 2009
New Revision: 6757


Document helpers in Jifty::Test::Email

Modified: jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Test/Email.pm
--- jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Test/Email.pm	(original)
+++ jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Test/Email.pm	Thu Apr  9 18:39:42 2009
@@ -35,6 +35,14 @@
 This is a test helper module for jifty, allowing you to expect mail
 notification generated during the block or the test.
+=head1 METHODS
+=head2 mail_ok BLOCK HASHREF [, HASHREF ...]
+Executes the C<BLOCK>, and expects it to send a number of emails equal
+to the number of C<HASHREF>s after the C<BLOCK>.  L<Test::Email/ok> is
+used to check if the messages match up to the appropriate hashrefs.
 sub mail_ok (&@) {
@@ -56,6 +64,13 @@
+An END block causes the test to C<die> if there are uncaught
+notifications at the end of the test script.
 END {
     my $Test = Jifty::Test->builder;
     # Such a hack -- try to detect if this is a forked copy and don't

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