[Jifty-commit] r5296 - jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual

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Wed Apr 9 03:28:55 EDT 2008

Author: gugod
Date: Wed Apr  9 03:28:55 2008
New Revision: 5296


pod syntax fix and minor rephrase.

Modified: jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/jQueryMigrationGuide.pod
--- jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/jQueryMigrationGuide.pod	(original)
+++ jifty/trunk/lib/Jifty/Manual/jQueryMigrationGuide.pod	Wed Apr  9 03:28:55 2008
@@ -36,10 +36,10 @@
     $ = jQuery;
 However, instead of making a global alias, it's always recommended to
-always make this alias with a closure to really localize it.
+localize this alias within a closure:
     (function($) {
-        // $ is an alias to jQuery to the end of this closure
+        // $ is an alias to jQuery only inside this closure
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
 Prototype library can destroy those Jifty functions.
 The new jQuery-fashioned way is to always extend internal functions
-under Jifty object. C<Form becomes C<Jifty.Form>, C<Form.Element> becomes
+under Jifty object. C<Form> becomes C<Jifty.Form>, C<Form.Element> becomes
 C<Jifty.Form.Element>, and so on. The detail list of these defined
 functions are given in L<Jifty::Manual::Javascript>. Most of
 those functions are internal functions that you probably should not

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