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Author: sterling
Date: Thu Nov 29 20:45:28 2007
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 r14293 at dynpc145:  andrew | 2007-11-29 19:45:03 -0600
 Added a little more text to the installation chapter.

Modified: Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod
--- Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod	(original)
+++ Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod	Thu Nov 29 20:45:28 2007
@@ -20,12 +20,26 @@
 =head1 Reference
-=head2 Pakcage (TODO)
+You can install Jifty in one of the ways described in the following chapters. 
+The first section deals with the easiest mechanism, which is a prebuilt package that you can install with very little work. Unfortunately, as of this writing such a package does not yet exist.
+The next section deals with installation from M<CPAN>, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, which provides a mostly automatic installation process, but you might encounter some bumps along the way.
+The final section deals with installation from the code repository. This will give you a bleeding edge version of Jifty. The developers work very hard at keeping this version in good working order, so if you really want the latest and the greatest, this is the best option. However, if you're getting started, we strongly recommend one of the previous options.
+=head2 Prebuilt Package (TODO)
+FIXME Someone needs to invent this package and then we can document it here...
 =head2 CPAN
+TODO Add the documentation for how to install from CPAN.
 =head2 Subversion
+TODO Add the documentation for how to install from Subversion.
 =head1 Testing
 =head2 Testing your Jifty Installation

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