[Jifty-commit] r1013 - in Jifty-DBI/trunk: lib/Jifty/DBI

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Sat May 6 15:54:50 EDT 2006

Author: alexmv
Date: Sat May  6 15:54:49 2006
New Revision: 1013

   Jifty-DBI/trunk/   (props changed)

 r12832 at zoq-fot-pik:  chmrr | 2006-05-06 15:54:05 -0400
  * Doc fixes relating to filters

Modified: Jifty-DBI/trunk/lib/Jifty/DBI/Schema.pm
--- Jifty-DBI/trunk/lib/Jifty/DBI/Schema.pm	(original)
+++ Jifty-DBI/trunk/lib/Jifty/DBI/Schema.pm	Sat May  6 15:54:49 2006
@@ -278,8 +278,9 @@
 =head2 output_filters
 Sets a list of output filters on the data.  Correct usage is
-C<input_filters are 'Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime'>.  See
+C<output_filters are 'Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime'>.  See
+L<Jifty::DBI::Filter>.  You usually don't need to set this, as the
+output filters default to the input filters in reverse order.
@@ -290,8 +291,10 @@
 =head2 filters
 Sets a list of filters on the data.  These are applied when reading
-B<and> writing to the database.  Correct usage is C<input_filters are
-'Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime'>.  See L<Jifty::DBI::Filter>.
+B<and> writing to the database.  Correct usage is C<filters are
+'Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime'>.  See L<Jifty::DBI::Filter>.  In
+actuality, this is the exact same as L</input_filters>, since output
+filters default to the input filters, reversed.

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