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Date: Fri Mar 31 03:26:33 2006
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 r10648 at hualien:  jesse | 2006-03-31 13:46:37 +0900
 Glasser pointed out that I accitentally nuked the README

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+    Jifty -- Just Do It
+    Yet another web framework.
+  What's cool about Jifty? (Buzzwords)
+    DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself)
+        Jifty tries not to make you say things more than once.
+    Full-stack
+        Out of the proverbial box, Jifty comes with one way to do everything
+        you should need to do: One database mapper, one templating system,
+        one web services layer, one AJAX toolkit, one set of handlers for
+        standalone or FastCGI servers. We work hard to make all the bits
+        play well together, so you don't have to.
+    Continuations
+        With Jifty, it's easy to let the user go off and do something else,
+        like fill out a wizard, look something up in the help system or go
+        twiddle their preferences and come right back to where they were.
+    Form-based dispatch
+        This is one of the things that Jifty does that we've not seen
+        anywhere else. Jifty owns your form rendering and processing. This
+        means you never need to write form handling logic. All you say is "I
+        want an input for this argument here" and Jifty takes care of the
+        rest. (Even autocomplete and validation)
+    A Pony
+        Jifty is the only web application framework that comes with a pony.
+  Introduction
+    If this is your first time using Jifty, Jifty::Manual::Tutorial is
+    probably a better place to start.
+    This class method instantiates a new "Jifty" object. This object deals
+    with configuration files, logging and database handles for the system.
+    Most of the time, the server will call this for you to set up your
+    "Jifty" object. If you are writing command-line programs htat want to
+    use your libraries (as opposed to web services) you will need to call
+    this yourself.
+    See Jifty::Config for details on how to configure your Jifty
+    application.
+   Arguments
+    no_handle
+        If this is set to true, Jifty will not create a Jifty::Handle and
+        connect to a database. Only use this if you're about to drop the
+        database or do something extreme like that; most of Jifty expects
+        the handle to exist. Defaults to false.
+  config
+    An accessor for the Jifty::Config object that stores the configuration
+    for the Jifty application.
+  logger
+    An accessor for our Jifty::Logger object for the application.
+  handle
+    An accessor for the Jifty::Handle object that stores the database handle
+    for the application.
+  web
+    An accessor for the Jifty::Web object that the web interface uses.
+    Jifty is Copyright 2005 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is
+    distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.
+    <http://jifty.org>
+    Jesse Vincent, Alex Vandiver and David Glasser.

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