[jifty-devel] Jifty newb needs help/tutorials/examples

William F. Dudley Jr. dud at avalontel.com
Thu May 26 14:25:04 EDT 2011


This is my second round with Jifty; I constructed a tiny Jifty "hobby"
app two years ago, now am trying it on a more ambitious project -- for
my employer.

I've read (and re-read . . .) "the" tutorial for the MyWebBlog app;
watched the two year old video by "Audrey Tang"/Jesse Vincent on
creation of Doxory (found a pdf of the slides, too, but couldn't
find a copy of the example code anywhere); read a tutorial by some
French guy (in English, thank heaven) on creation of a meeting
scheduler app; and still I'm lost.

Most of the docs seem to assume that the user is already a black-belt
in MVC, Template::Declare, Mason, and other stuff that I'm decidedly
NOT even close to expert in.  I've been programming for a long time
(maybe that's the problem) and am only now getting comfortable with
MVC, having played with Rails a bit also.  I've written lots of
Perl, but never used Mason nor Template::Declare, so they are
mysterious to me.

Are there any example apps/tutorials where the interconnections
between the various pieces are explained more thoroughly?  Or
an example of building a CRUD app?  I don't just want to turn
AdminMode to 1 and call it a day, I'd rather customize the
user experience so it makes more sense for our application.
Our application is nothing very tricky; just customers
subscribing to things and getting charged money for them.

Sorry for the totally general nature of this query, but it's
a struggle to come up with reasonable questions in this case.

I've scanned the archives for this list back 2.5 years, looking
for things that might help a newb.

Thanks in advance,
Bill Dudley
Avalon Telecom

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