[jifty-devel] Upload field broken in trunk

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 09:03:55 EDT 2010

actually I fixed the problem now.

Inside take_action(), I used to have

my $filehandle = $self->argument_value('upload_file');
my $parser   = new Spreadsheet::ParseExcel;
my $workbook = $parser->Parse($filehandle);

It appears that now $filehandle contains a Jifty::Web::FileUpload object, and 
it fails to return its filehandle through the overloaded methods.

After replacing the last line to 
my $workbook = $parser->Parse($filehandle->filehandle());
it works again.

I don't know what kind of object was returned by argument_value in the old past.

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> From: Shawn M Moore <sartak at bestpractical.com>
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> Hi Stanislav,
> (2/11/10 9:51 AM), Stanislav Sinyagin wrote:
> >  hi,
> > 
> > it works in   Jifty-0.91117 from CPAN, and in the  current trunk it's 
> I've added a failing test that tries to  trigger this same bug. It's
> t/TestApp-Uploads/t/back-compat.t added by  76a1f6b6.
> Does this new test fail for you? If not, could you tweak it so  that it
> better matches the actual action you use?
> If you could git  bisect Jifty to see which revision broke it for you,
> that would be useful in  debugging.
> > I'm running lighthttpd+fcgi on a Linux box.
> I  wonder if it's an inconsistency in  Plack..
> Shawn
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