[jifty-devel] RFC: New Template::Declare Mixin Interface

David E. Wheeler david at kineticode.com
Wed Oct 7 17:31:57 EDT 2009

On Oct 6, 2009, at 2:17 PM, David E. Wheeler wrote:

> Before I document these methods, I'd like to propose a new interface
> that incorporates the features of both importing and aliasing, but
> gives template authors and users a log more control over composition.
> It's simpler, too. I propose a new method: mix.

I've gone ahead and done this in [a branch](http://svn.jifty.org/svn/jifty.org/Template-Declare/branches/mixmaster 
), just to be safe. The new `mix()` method looks pretty much like  
`alias()`, but with a little more (optional) sugar:

     mix Some::Clever::Mixin      under '/mixin';
     mix Some::Other::Mixin       under '/otmix', set { name =>  
'Larry' };
     mix My::Mixin into My::View, under '/mymix';

Note the use of `into`, so that one does not have to be in the scope  
of the package that one wants to mix into. This will prove useful for  
a new Catalyst view implementation I have in mind, but I suspect that  
it will be useful for other folks, too: it allows one to compose  
templates into all sorts of mixtures, if you will.

I can take or leave the use of `set`, but I thought it kind of went  
along with other sugary keywords. If it's hated for any reason, I can  
kill it off; it's entirely optional.

Of course, you can omit the sugar altogether if you like:

     Some::Clver::Mixin->mix( '/mixin' );
     Some::Other::Mixin->mix( '/otmix', { name => 'Larry' } );
     My::Mixin->mix('My::View', '/mymix');

Here's what I've done in the mixmaster branch:

* Converted the implementation of `alias()` to be the same as that  
used for `import_templates()`.


   + Aliasing a class with super classes now passes the class in which  
each template is defined as the invocant to the alias templates. For  
example, if Foo defines the template `hello` and Bar inherits from  
Foo, and you alias Bar under /here, it used to be that "Bar" would be  
passed to /here/hello, but now Foo is passed to /here/hello. This is  
how `import_templates` worked, so I suspect that the previously  
inconsistent behavior was an oversight.

   + The `aliases` and `alias_metadata` class accessors are gone, as  
is `_has_aliased_template()`. The latter method was private, and the  
two accessors were undocumented. Were they ever used anywhere, perhaps  
in Jifty?

* Added `mix` as described above. No side-effects. I moved the and  
updated the documentation for `alias` under `mix` and updated the  
documentation for `alias` and `import_templates` to say that they were  
deprecated in favor of `mix`.

That's about it. If the changes to `alias` break existing code, I can  
revert those changes -- or mock up a compatible interface. But I  
suspect that they will have no effect. I'd appreciate some testing.

Assuming that I get buy-in from the interested parties, I'll merge  
these changes into trunk and finally fill in the documentation for  
mixins. After that, the only other issue I know of is with `path_for() 
`, mentioned in another thread. I can fix that after the merge.



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