[jifty-devel] some progress update about Template::Declare

Kang-min Liu gugod at gugod.org
Fri Dec 26 18:55:35 EST 2008

Hi, all

Recently I've been trying to use Devel::Declare to re-implement  
Template::Declare for this very fancy syntax:

     div(id => "salute") { "Hiya" }

And it worked very fine, big success. I'm very impressed by how much  
it can be done with
Devel::Declare and B::Hook* modules. Kudos to rafl++

I released the implementation under the name "Markapl" (Mark up as  
Perl) on CPAN few days ago.
The Markapl repository is on Github:  http://github.com/gugod/markapl/tree/master

And since obra requested, I'm currently integrating it into  
Template::Declare. Several basic parts are
all ported, so statement like these are all working now:

     div(id => "salute") { "Hiya" }
     div("#salute") { "Hiya" }
     div(".salute") { "Hiya" }
     div("#salute.box") { "Hiya" }

And it's still backward compatible:

     with(id => "salute"), div { "Hiya" }
     div { attr { id => "salute"} outs "Hiya" }

The development is on "markapl-syntax" branch of Template-Declare  
repository, the new code passes
about 60% of tests now. So please take a look, give me some thoughts  
and may patches. It's all welcome. :)

btw, I've just done a tool Markpl::FromHTML (on CPAN now) that  
currently convert
simple HTML to Markapl. This can be a pretty handy tool when working  
with HTML-capable visual designers. :)

Kang-min Liu

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