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Yves Agostini agostini at univ-metz.fr
Wed Dec 10 03:52:01 EST 2008

Le mardi 09 décembre 2008 à 17:40 -0800, Max Baker a écrit :
> Hi All,
> I'm a new Jifty user, long time Mason developer (see Netdisco).    This 
> thing is cool!!!

I know netdisco, very nice stuff ;) 

> I am building a project and want to use our LDAP server to 
> authenticate.  There seems to be a lot of different plugins, and I'm not 
> sure which one to use.
> 1. AuthLDAPLogin
> 2. AuthLDAPOnly
> 3. AuthzLDAP
> 4. Authentication::Ldap
> My requirements for the plugin are
> 1. LDAP server is read-only, just used to get some user information and 
> to authenticate
> 2. Have a local User module that stores application-specific fields
> And a nice to have is
> 1. Auto add users to the local table as they login using LDAP, even if 
> they did not exist in the local table before.  In other words all users 
> can use the service, but I don't want to add all users to the local 
> table -- only the users who are using the application.
> Any suggestions? I've tried following what's in AuthLDAPLogin, but it 
> tells me "Can't locate Jifty/Plugin/Login.pm".   Do I need to do 
> something to get the Login plugin to install?

unlucky : AuthLDAPLogin and AuthLDAPOnly are deprecated. 

You need to use Authentication::Ldap.  Authentication::Ldap add all
users to your local user table where you can add easily add fields. 

You can use AuthzLDAP to add filter to find with ldap attributes, which
users can write in your application.

here you can find a sample use of AuthzLDAP

You can certainly write your own plugin (Authentication::LdapReader ?)
where you don't register user in local table. 

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