[jifty-devel] Sending a web page as an email attachment

Henry Baragar Henry.Baragar at instantiated.ca
Wed Nov 28 09:41:30 EST 2007


How does one compile a Jifty/Mason script and get the output for sending as 
an email attachment.  We have followed the instructions from:


which has the following code skeleton:

    use HTML::Mason;
    use strict;

    my $outbuf;
    my $interp = HTML::Mason::Interp->new
        (comp_root  => '/path/to/comp_root',
         data_dir   => '/path/to/data_dir',
         out_method => \$outbuf
    $interp->exec(<component-path>, <args>...);

    # Do something with $outbuf

It appears that the script is run (since there are messages when we inject 
errors into the script), but we never get any output in $outbuf.

Do we have to do something special for Jifty?

What is the right (easiest?) way to do this in Jifty?


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