[jifty-devel] using TabView

Steve H s_t_e_v_e_h at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 06:54:32 EST 2007


I was wondering if there are any examples using TabView. Googling only seems to refer to the code base... and back to the doco, which doesn't provide a great deal to say where/when/what should be coded for it... i.e. per:
  use Jifty::Plugin::TabView::View;
  template 'index.html' => page {
   my $self = shift;
   $self->render_tabs('foo', [qw(id)], qw( foo bar_tab ) );
  template 'foo' => sub { ... };
  template 'bar' => sub { ... };
...similarly, there was nothing in the List archives.  
I use the 'out of the box' Mason, with a bunch of files under .../templates (and fragments).  Are there any caveats on TabView use, e.g. the number of page regions in a tab/view... or other design considerations for using it?


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